Hi a good readers, see again with me and with recent my article. The world cryptocurrency at this very developed and very rapidly. Because Cryptocurrency thriving very rapidly so a lot of the new project also in the world cryptocurrecy ,, the name of project is Grabity Project.

Since Cryptocurrency came to the existence of in 2009 until today. Since it has been very volatile in nature. Have a lot of people who have started to know and understand about the need invested. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized, anonymous and electronically. The world crypto lovers very happy to be know's and assume that it's the right way to investment in the future .. even they called as money in the future.

INTRODUCE Grabity is A New Decentralized to Decentralized Network P2P network that can be transactions rapidly and simultaneously process .By the Defrag Function technology using that can process simultaneously transactions and quickly. GBT Tokens will be given to consumers who have followed the series of organized activities by the Network project Orbited, for example, consumers of computer resources, users of the platform, and participants the ICO . And the provider of the resource computer can be obtained GBT by giving the Orbit of the Network with idle resources or enhancement of their own devices. In the Orbits Network is there official of wallet that Planet Wallet how the advantages of this wallet is securing the user if you want to get OBT token later. Planet Wallet will be released before the launch of the main net with the function of transferring the sign bit via the phone number, along with saving and transferring the marks in an application between the exchange.


Total Token amount: 10,000,000,000 GBT Token Token sale amount: 7,000,000,000 GBT Percentage of sales Token from total Token: 70%

Hard cap : 30,000,000 USD

Soft cap : 10,000,000 USD

Tokens except for the pre-sale and public sale are sold in private rounds.

Unsold tokens are due to be incinerated.


Token Sale Rate:20%


Public Sale:

Token Sale Rate:30%


 Road Map :

2018 Q4

--Smart contract Deploy

--ERC20 based Token issue 2019 Q1

--Network Layer Development (P2P-based overlay network)

--Planet Wallet Launching

2019 Q2

--Data Layer Development

--Consensus Layer Development

2019 Q3

--Testnet Launching

--Toolkit & SDK Development

--Block Explorer Development

2019 Q4

--Application project,evelopment

2020 Q1

--Management Layer Development

2020 Q2

--Orbits Network Launching

--GBT-based DEX, DApp Store Launching GRABITY TEAM :

--Jangwon Lim,Founder & CEOin

--Junho Lee,Co-Founder & COOin

--Eddie Bak,Co-Founder & CTOin

--Johny Hoeun Jeon,CMOin

--Sam Lee,CSOin

--Sunny Chung,CFOin

--Jacob Park,Develop Leadin

--Keunyeong Yun,Software Engineerin

--Se-il Jeong,Software Engineerin

--Dona Kang,Design Leadin

--Kwon Son,Community Managerin

--Jack Lee,Chinese Marketing Managerin

--Joon Jung,Spanish Marketing Leadin

--Jaehyeon Kim,Spanish Marketing Managerin

--Jaeha Park,Korean Marketing Manager


--Duksoo Kim,AMOin

--Minwoo Nam,Cloudbricin

--Junwoo Kang,Hexlantin

--Sunghyun Moon,Xblocksystemsin

--Leon Kim,Blockmonin

All right... up here for an explanation about this project from me...And I hope you like it to reading..thank's


Website : https://grabity.io/

Token Sale : https://grabity.io/sale

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WRITER : lemplong

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