Good day all and welcome to another edition of my Atomic wallet review, kindly check my previous posts on atomic wallet homepage view here (link) and Atomic swap feature here (link).

Today, I will be reviewing the History and Settingsfeature in the wallet. You can download your atomic wallet here.

The history feature as it is been featured in all other wallets is meant to record appropriately all the transactions occurring inside the wallet. Getting the history of your transactions is very important and atomic wallet is well developed to record correctly your transaction history in the right order.

Login in to your atomic wallet with your password, then click on the history bar as illustrated in the picture below;

After which your transaction history page will be displayed. A wallet setting (security) is a very crucial aspect of all wallets undoubtedly, because it determines how safe your funds are.

This is a very excellent feature of atomic wallet because it has been developed perfectly such that users need not worry about fund loss provided they keep their wallet information safe. Wallet settings in atomic wallet can be accessed by clicking the Settings tab beneath the History The settings page comes up with Security, Private Keys, Import, and Help features.

Security feature is meant to change your wallet password and when clicked upon, it brings out the option of password change. Input your old password, your new password and repeat your new password, after which you’ll click CHANGE PASSWORD.

You’ll get a confirmation notice of successful password changing thereafter. The safety of a wallet’s private keys is the most important aspect of a wallet’s security because exposed private keys puts the funds of such wallet into serious risk of fund loss.

Click on the Private Keys tab in your Settings page On atomic wallet, you’ll have to input your wallet password in order to access your private keys and immediately your password is entered, the page displays your atomic wallet Mnemonic seed, your several token addresses with their private keys.

The public keys is the same as the wallet address and can be sent to anybody for receiving of funds or funds transfer while private keys should be kept safe without any other person having access to it.

Click on either of the public or private keys of any assets of your choice and it will automatically copy the keys to your clipboard without necessarily having to type them.

You’ll receive a notification of Private key copied in clipboard after successfully clicking on any of the keys. You can use the search space to search for any of your assets in order to get their keys.

Withdrawal from an external wallet cannot be easier than what atomic wallet offers. Just click on the Import tab on the settings page, and then select the currency you will like to be charged for network fee. Then you can input your wallet private keys, thereafter click on SEND TO ATOMIC. This sends all the atomic supported coins into your atomic wallet and deducts the network fee you choose as well.

Another feature on the Settings page is the Help feature which displays several links you can connect to in any case you need more enlightenment or have complaints in the wallet.

You can export your wallet log files into a folder on your PC which saves as a text file and send it to support team for quick resolution of any complaints you might be having.

This helps the support team for faster solution. Finally, there’s an ongoing airdrop program by atomic wallet team in which 25 AWC (Atomic wallet coin) is given to all users of the wallet.

You can claim your airdrop by clicking the Airdrop tab, and then input your email and the promo code in order to receive additional 25 AWC. 

For further enquiries on the wallet, kindly check the links below;

Support page:


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