Ekd27 - The main goal of Ekd27 is to create an eco-system of theorization based on the interaction of participants and their decision-making. Development of eco-system, maintenance and development of its participants. The theoretical goal is the formation of the postulate of the theory of cryptocurrency, the training of this theory and its promotion. Ekd27 is a token running on the Waves blockchain platform. It consists of 27 qualifications, is a new product. The innovative basis of the project is the management of its events and the General Informatization of events passing through the information cluster. Each project participant is a member of the information cluster. During the qualification confirms its role and takes part in the development of the eco system. This eco system is based on transparency for its participants and decentralization, each participant directly participates in its development after passing the qualification, by voting and approval of the postulates.

Welcome to ICO Ekd27: new ICO, emission 1 000 000 000 000 000 000, blockchain Waves, 27 control points of sales, possibility of additional release! Take part in the ICO become one of the first!