The new year 2019 is promised to be the year of great success and it’s about time to start thinking about future plans. Businessmen and professional traders are always carefully choosing projects for investment. There should be no rush at all as any project has certain risks and benefits that must be weighted.
p2pb2b cryptocurrency exchange has selected TOP-8 projects that worth the attention and can be considered as a right investment opportunity for the new year.

     Bitdepositary Coin

An ultra-secure market ICO funding community with integrated payment solutions. ICO projects should pass the verification process and several checks and present their products to the crypto market players. The main purpose of the team is to prevent crypto investors from scams, frauds, token theft and wrong investment decisions.


A digital utility coin used to achieve decentralization of the Global lifestyle. BancCoin tends to eliminate transactional barriers and to decrease fees. As a result, lifestyle and luxury can become available to all users holding BancCoin which can be used and stored on a cryptocurrency wallet available for devices on Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

An online resource generating news and information from reliable sources about the cryptocurrency market. The platform is officially accredited by Google News covers every topic regarding digital currencies.TCAT coin sets as its main goal to prevent players of the crypto market from wrong investment decisions.

     ENDO Token

A data verification protocol and services that are united in a decentralized environment to access reliable information. With ENDO applications users can transfer paper documents to digital ones, receive a digital identity certificate and more. For data checking and its exchanging between users, the ENDO Token is used.


An open-source blockchain project that makes online payments more accessible. Rapids integration into social media platforms allows users to send and receive payments directly to anyone who uses social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and others.


An Ethereum-based platform and protocol that ensures safe and reliable transactions between counterparties. Transactions made in accordance with the ESC9 standard are protected by EscrowBlock and any issues can be solved by one of the arbitration bodies of the network. The protocol can be used in any type of business.


An ecosystem that includes own blockchain, a cryptocurrency exchange, and a crowdfunding platform. Companies can join the network and with the STO attract investors that gets a reward from each of the projects they've granted money to. CMC token holders also get access to all CryptoMarketCloud products.


A free open source project, a digital payment ecosystem which provides digital currency based on P2P technology. The main goal of the projects is to provide a long-term energy-efficient SCRYPT-based cryptocurrency. The team uses a hybrid POW/POS blockchain technology in order to provide users with zero-fee transactions and prevent digital assets from volatility.

      It’s only up to you now to decide which of the projects meets your requirements and interests the best. More information is available on p2pb2b official website