Invest, Save and Spend in Crypto.

Savedroid prides itself as an award winning German fintech which specialises in Artificial Intelligence saving technology. While this may sound lightly to a number of people, it presents a unbeatable selling point of the German fintech in the crypto-sphere. Savedroid aims to bring it’s AI saving technology into crypto and democratise cryptocurrency. This will present an opportunity for everyone irrespective of social class, technical know-how to wade into crypto. The Savedroid ecosystem is built on the preset of providing users with an investing, saving and spending opportunity in crypto.

The Savedroid solution

Throughthe use of Artificial Intelligence, Savedroid learns a user’s habitually pattern and turns it into saving and investing. This is made possible through the Savedroid crypto saving app which is available for Android users on the playstore and iOS users on the App store. Any user who wish to take advantage of the Savedroid revolutionary crypto saving, investing and spending technology will have to download and make use of the app. Users will first of all make a wish by defining their saving goal, thereafter, the user will define which personalized actions called habits that will trigger the Savedroid crypto saving app into saving money for the user.

Through AI algorithm, Savedroid crypto saving app understands when a personalized action has been performed by a user. Also through self learning, it provides a user with a better way of making his or her wish a reality in the soonest time possible.

In conclusion

The Savedroid project eliminates the hassles and complexities of cryptocurrency, at the same time provide users with an unobstructed access to cryptocurrency. Providing an unprecedented way for users to invest, save and spend crypto.

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