What is cryptomotors?

The world's 1st digital automaker. We grant access to the user community to join a partake in the design of digital vehicles, as well as to collet, use and trade these. The callenge is to rethink the way we create and enjoy us cars. We believe in bringing the highest quality and standards of the automotive design industry together with the blockchain technology to bring a new standard on digital assets that can be used across different platform and games.

Pro-designed crypto vehicles?

Cryptomotors are 3d digital vehicles created by car design professional with the help of the community and are built based on the ethereum blockchain. These vehicle can be bought an sold using ether, also personalized creating new costum new custom variations. Each project contains a limited unit with their unique indentification number and stats.


Cryptomotors envisions a future where you cn own, share and race you cars across all games an VR platforms.


The goal is to grant access to items that the user wants and can be passionate about by collecting, trading, customizing, and gaming with. CryptoMotors pursues the dream of being an open creation hub where professionals and users from around the globe can create digital vehicles that will be deployed on various platforms. Opportunities involve enabling their use in VR / AR experiences, applications and video games.


Technology every CryptoMotor vehicle is unique. Like in real life, the chassis number is unique identification code that allows one to differentiate between one car and another. Likewise, the key represented through a smart Ethereum contract gives one access to make use of their digital collectible. All of this is possible thanks to the blockchain technology. Every car is created using ERC721. standard token (non-fungible token), creating unique digital assets. ERC-721 allows persons to have direct ownership of items, having complete and direct control over their virtual goods giving them the option to store, sell, exchange and make use of them digital objects in many different ways. CryptoMotors also use NFTs but unlike Cryptokitties its more customizable. The platform • Garage, from a term itself its garage where users can hang out and see or compare each other vehicles • The market, users can sell or buy vehicles using Ether • Studio this will make the platform interesting unlike other previous blockchain games, players can participate in designing cars. • customizations will be available in the platform like colors, decals, rims and many more depending on the vehicle. This feature is nice especially for those who love customizing their cars. • a racing game will be soon to be developed .

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