DCI Ecosystem is a blockchain project that aims to make blockchain investments easier and more accessible for everyone. This is done through a set of unique features which enable organizations and individuals to securely and efficiently invest in the lucrative market of digital assets.

DCI enables both private and public institutions to manage their investment portfolios on a blockchain-powered platform which utilizes features like Artificial Intelligence, Rating, Risk Assessment and Legal and Compliance Support to ensure a 360-degree investment experience. The DCI ecosystem will provide organizations with a gateway to the lucrative world of digital investments along with a chance to explore many more opportunities through related services like product optimization, improving competitiveness and efficiency.

The DCI system intends to make use of the features of the existing ecosystems along with the advanced capability of technologies like blockchain to expand the distribution of traditional commercial products by digitizing them into tokens. The old system will be mashed into the new digital system through artificial intelligence, robotics and several other means.

The problem with traditional investment systems is that they are limited in capability to provide many more opportunities with high return (ROI) as well as have high capital requirements in order to get good returns.

The DCI ecosystem will offer a peer-to-peer platform allowing potential investors and organizations to connect on a decentralized marketplace and perform cost-effective trading. The focus is also on shifting the existing centralized system to the new, blockchain-based model to improve their efficiency and reduce the cost.

The DCI platform aims to become a definite solution to the various problems of the traditional Investment Management (IM) industry which suffers from challenges like low-interest investments, digital recession, emerging modern players.

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