So, it’s no news that bitmax, the top growing exchange in the crypto space are very actively releasing updates on the latest happenings on the exchange. We have seen a lot of listing and airdrops accompany these project listings. Bitmax are known for the quality projects they keep listing on their site, to ensure that enough volume and activities are brought in the site.

One of the projects bitmax currently listed is LTO Network, what LTO network does is to facilitate trustless and bring automated B2B interaction also bringing collaboration between more than 2 parties not minding the technological infrastructure of all the parties involved. LTO uses decentralized live contracts acting as a workflow to carry out any process or task for any business, all the parties involved can be able to validate their actions and that of others, secure their submissions and also communicate with other parties on the safe and private network. All these are possible by LTO being able to run a global public chain capable of timestamping and anchoring data and events.

Another project currently listed on bitmax is the Content Value Network (CVN), CVN is a content creation and sharing network based on the blockchain. Launched in June 2018, CVN dreams of building a community that will enable all users to view wide range contents, interact with the content creators, and also with other users. CVN support various media types such as audio, video and images and also CVN will bring to users quality contents from America, Japan, and Korea in a very fast, secure and reliable manner. They do this by combining blockchain and distributed P2P services, creating a highly interactive community that allows users to easily share/transfer contents, filter contents, and also review online contents. CVN will enable users to quickly find good quality contents, removes spam and unwanted contents with its advanced filter mechanism.

I spoke about airdrops earlier, some ongoing airdrop campaigns are:

The exclusive LTO airdrops to bitmax holders, users must hold some specific amount of bitmax tokens to qualify for the airdrop campaign. The rules for this campaign can be found here

Also, there is an LTO trading competition that is going to hold until the 24th of January 2019, bitmax will reward the first 25 users with LTO mainnet tokens as rewards. Reward distribution is found below.

There is also an airdrop multiplication program that is ongoing it is also known as the Airdrop Multiple Card. Bitmax will make the airdrop card available on the 21st of January and only 300 cards are available. Once a user purchases the card, every airdrop reward on that user's account will be multiplied by 3 and this will go on for a total of 5 airdrop events. More information can be found here

If you keep in touch with the bitmax twitter and Reddit channel you will see that there is a lot of things going on. Also, keep an eye for future tokens listing and airdrop campaigns that will be happening as long as with any combined AMA.

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