Trade takes place between parties that need to satisfy their wants of particular resources. This resources could be goods or services that individuals, businesses or governments need or want hence buying and selling takes place. The trading could be domestic or international thereby contributing to the global economy of countries.

The whole world is experiencing a new way of doing things through the use of blockchain technology. The blockchain technology is revolutionizing all aspect of our lives positively including the way we trade.

Buying and selling have been modernized by the use of e-commerce stores. People tend to shop and make purchases of the things they need at the comfort of their homes from online stores with delivery made to their doorsteps. This has reduced the need to go to the brick and mortar shops for purchases.

With this global trade is on the increase. People can make purchases from online shops from any part of the world. This trend comes with problems such as fraud and supply chain challenges like last mile delivery. The Catena trading exchange platform is created to handle the challenges of digitalized trade and has profer long-lasting solutions.

The Catena Decentralized Trading Exchange Platform

The Catena trading ecosystem is built on the decentralized blockchain technology which uses smart contract algorithms and AI protocols to improve trade experiences for its users.

The platform has provided an avenue where people come together to buy and sell goods and services from any part of the world. The platform has harnessed trading with the crypto economy and users can trade from their cryptocurrency wallet globally. It has provided a completely decentralized trading platform where people can consummate their trading exchanges using cryptocurrency and the fiat currency.

What Catena Decentralized Platform Offers

1. The Catena decentralized platform is a user-friendly platform that is easy to use. The platform is built on the decentralized blockchain technology and offers transactions that are effective and efficient.

2. Frauds are perpetrated in both domestic and international trades through various methods. Some buyers or sellers trade with the intention to defraud the other party, especially in international trades. The Catena trading platform is a decentralized platform that makes it hard for fraud to be perpetrated. Records are stored immutability which cannot be deleted nor tampered with. Mechanism to check the authenticity of the document is put in place hence making it hard to defraud other stakeholders.

3. The Catena Platform offers a trustless platform where users transact directly with one another. The need for third-party middlemen has been eliminated thereby making transactions cheaper.

4. The challenges experienced by trades in supply chain logistics has been eliminated with the Catena ecosystem. The platform has in place a standard supply chain and logistics last mile delivery mechanism that takes care of all the processes in supply chain and logistics to the last leg final destination delivery of goods and services.

5. The platform has harness trading with the use of crypto economy. The platform utilizes the Catena cryptocurrency. and fiat currency as a means of payment thereby exposing the use of the cryptocurrency to those that transact on its platform.

6. The Catena platform utilizes its blockchain smart contract that is used to execute terms of trade and agreement. Here, all parties of trade must agree to different terms and conditions in the payment, shipping, product parameters and other criteria needed for trade. This creates trust amongst the traders knowing that the blockchain protocol is secured and transparent.

7. Buyers, sellers, and manufacturers met on the Catena platform to consummates their trading transactions with ease. The platform is equipped the Efficient trading platform (ETP)and Catena order matching AI (COMAI) technologies that help in improving trades on the platform.

8. The platform has given small businesses an opportunity to showcase their businesses and trade across the globe and also empowers them to grow their businesses with ease.

The Catena Token

The Catena platform utilizes the Catena token as the mechanism of payment and activating the catena smart contract, The Catena token is an ERC 20 standard token build on the Ethereum blockchain protocol. The Catena token has a maximum supply of 250 Million tokens.

Centralized VS Decentralized VS Catena Decentalized Platform 


The Catena Project had created an innovative ecosystem that is disrupting the trading processes with its state of the art technology the ETP algorithm and COMAI protocol. The platform has created a secure environment for trade preventing fraud in trade and creating an avenue for more profit by eliminating the cost of the middle man. Sellers and buyers come to the terms and agreement using the Catena smart contract that is electronically stored. The Catena ecosystem has created a safe trading platform for traders with features that meet their trading and exchange needs.

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