The e-commerce business is connecting the world by making it easy to shop from any part of the globe with ease and convenience. Goods and services are purchased and delivered within no time. This is possible because of the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain management services offered by all the stakeholders in the logistics and delivery business. There are challenges faced by these supply chain and logistics services providers which if, worked on will give a better result than what is obtainable now.

The e-commerce, supply chain management, and logistics activities are numerous and cumbersome. The processes and procedures from sales to the delivery of goods and services undertaken by most businesses make it tedious and more impeded for them thereby obstructing efficient service delivery. Businesses that use the centralized business model experiences various challenges. There is no coordination and collaboration amongst the different entities involved in the processes from the raw material suppliers, production sites, warehouses, retailers to the last mile logistics providers.

The invention of blockchain technology is one of the best things that had to happen to humanity. This technology is being used in all aspect of our lives and the supply chain management and logistics industry is not left behind. Harnessing the blockchain technology to the supply chain management is the Genesis Supply Chain Platform.

The Genesis Supply Chain Platform - GSCP

The Genesis Supply Chain Platform GSCP is a decentralized project that uses smart contract of the blockchain technology to improve the processes and inefficiencies in the e-commerce, supply chain management, and logistics services. The Genesis Supply Chain Platform deploys an automated ecosystem that is secured, reliable, efficient, immutable and transparent for businesses. The platform creates a technology that enables its users to access the authenticity and trace the origin of parts purchased from companies. Stakeholders are able to access each other’s database with guaranteed security in the process.

What Genesis Supply Chain Platform Offers

The Genesis supply chain platform offers an ecosystem that can be used by all business in the e-commerce, supply chain management, and logistics industries. The platform has created a ready to use application where its users needed to only plug and play the software that is created on the decentralized ERP 3.0 blockchain. The application is automated to meet the needs of the buyers, suppliers, and the supply chain and logistics service providers. The features of the application are created to solve all the challenges experienced by the e-commerce and supply management and logistics with much more features than anticipated by them.

Benefits of Genesis Supply Chain Platform

 The GSC platform avails an inbuild IT platform that is available for all the users depending on their usage being buyers, suppliers or freight carriers. The platform has a data analysis tool mechanism on the dashboard that keeps the users updated on their transactions.

To the Buyer

The buyer can easily access a supplier detailed information from his dashboard. The platform allows a secure connection into the database of the seller and the buyer can directly contact the seller without the need of a middleman or broker. The platform makes it possible for the buyers to easily check on his order status, recently added items by suppliers, items added by his favorite supplier. The buyer can also track items purchased and when delivery is to be made. The buyer gets alerts regarding all his transactions such as the payment made, delivery. The GSCP application makes it easy for buyers to trace and track items purchased especially spare parts component against counterfeit. The process creates trust and reliability between sellers and buyers leading to more confidence in their future transaction dealings.

To the Supplier

The Genesis Supply Chain Platform is created to make business entry easy for new and small businesses. It makes trading much easier and interesting for the seller by providing an automated platform. The platform makes available a supplier ID index card with the seller's information and detailed information available to the buyer. This advertises the supplier and what he offers to a potential buyer thereby creating an easy avenue to a business relationship. The seller accounting records and stock keeping are done real time. The supplier also gets system alerts on payment made, available stock and volume of sale with his record kept immutably. The seller also is able to access the database of his buyer for a better understanding of his buying behavior. Sellers are assured of saving costs and improving sales for a better profit.

To the Carrier

On the Genesis Supply Chain Platform, the freight forwarder and carrier business services are needed. The goods and services purchased by the buyers must be transported to its final destination. The platform avails an automated platform with an easy business entrance for the logistics service provider. The platform makes it possible for them to access the supplier ‘s database thereby enabling them to know the nature of logistics and delivery service to render. It also reduces the cost of doing business and increases sales for them by making available tools to monitor their business.

The GSCP token

TheGenesis Supply Chain Platform utilizes the GSCP token as the mechanism of payment for all transaction on the platform. The token is an ERC 20 standard token that is built on the Ethereum platform.


The Genesis Supply Chain Platform GSCP has created an avenue for buyers, supplier and logistics carrier to met and carry out their businesses on an automated plug and play application. It provides a secure and suitable environment for all the stakeholders in the e-commerce and supply chain management and logistics services. The platform is created on the blockchain technology makes transactions dealings efficient, immutable, transparent, fast, cheaper and trustless. The GSCP is backed by hard-working team members that are professional in their various field of work. The team members are working tirelessly to see that the project is successful.

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