Cryptocurrency transactions in the crypto exchange market place are increasing rapidly by the day with a lot of influx of funds by investors and traders. The cryptocurrencies trading platforms are witnessing an exponential increase in its volume of which research by Satis Group had shown that the crypto trading will grow by 50% of its trading volume in 2019. Presently, Crypto trading has a volume of US$7.3 trillion. This is just a tip of the iceberg as more people are coming to terms with cryptocurrency and are accepting its usage the more volume in transactions we will witness.

There are currently over 500 cryptocurrency exchanges in existence that support active trading and more are being created. As new ones are being created with innovative and revolutionary features some old ones are folding up due to various reasons such as the hacking of payment gateway by nefarious users, phishing, fraud at the trading platform and much more. The cryptocurrencies are being created every day which is an indicator that the crypto space is growing and so more exchanges are needed to service the growing trading needs of cryptocurrency traders and investors. The few available cannot service this growing need, therefore, the need for more cannot be overemphasized.

The WolfpackBOT cryptocurrency trading platform was created to meet the trading demand of cryptocurrency traders using bots for ease of use and optimal profit. The WolfpackBOT Platform The WolfpackBOT ecosystem is an innovative and robust trading platform that is disrupting the cryptocurrency trading marketplace with its state of the art platform. The platform is created as the world’s fastest trading platform that is most secured.

In our today’s cryptocurrency trading market place the use of robots or bots is now mainstream. Bots are designed to trade on behalf of the user. Robots are designed as a software algorithm that analyzes and interprets market data and decide when to buy and sell. The WolfpackBOT trading exchange also offers the Wolfcoin Master node and Proof of Work X11 blockchain where users are rewarded with the Wolfcoin for activities they partake in ensuring the security of the Wolfcoin blockchain and supporting the master node of the Wolfcoin network.

Features of WolfpackBOT Trading Exchange

The WolfpackBOT Trading Exchange platform has a lot to offer to its users which is not limited to but includes :

1. The WolfpacBot trading platform avails an automated interaction with the cryptomarket where the user does not have to be available 24/7 to trade. Bots are designed to trade for the user while the user does his normal activities and gets profit at the end of the trade.

2. The platform makes it possible for the user to analyze and trade multiple different pairs in different cryptocurrency market place. Users can access multiple technical trading indicators. This trading indicates are tools that help to figure and analyze long and short term price direction. They help to make a favorable trading decision automatically that will be hard for the user to achieve on his own without watching the trade signal.

3. The cryptocurrency value is highly volatile and as a trader, he is affected by emotional swings in trading especially when he is losing funds, This will affect his reasoning and thinking. Using the WolfpackBOT platform has eliminated this factor. Bots are programs that do not have any emotion which will affect their decision in trading. Bots trade with high speed that is faster than the humans in consummating trading transactions. They juggle and analyze data before taking an order to trade for better profit within no time.

4. The WolfpackBOT trading exchange avails different types of a subscription package to the user to choose from. Each type of subscription package has something to offer to the user depending on his choice and affordability.

5. The platform has in place features that will assist the user makes a profit, It avails trade shorting where the user can borrow from his position and buy back at a lower price to make more profit.

6. The platform has created a secured, transparent and user-friendly environment where traders are able to transact with ease and confident. The platform has in place a language translator that translate its processes into Dutch, English, French German and Spanish for more exposure and ease of use to users.

7. The WolfpackBOT trading exchange is connected to other cryptocurrency trading platform. The user is able to trade on another external trading platform within the WolfpackBOT platform without login to the external cryptocurrency exchange platform thereby making it possible to trade on all trading pairs in the cryptocurrency market place.

8. The WolfpackBOT Trading Exchange allows users to adjust the platform framework to suits their needs. Users can configure their platform setting to display current market trend, bear or bull market situations.

9. The platform avails a hardware console that is created with a secured hardware wallet which is integrated with Bitpay and Coinbase wallets.

.10 The Platform offers cryptocurrency and blockchain consultancy services to businesses and people that are interested in blockchain and crypto economy. The platform has available veterans that will meet the needs of customers.

The Wolfcoin 

The Wolfcoin is the mechanism of payment on all transactions on the WolfpactBOT platform. Wolfcoin is a utility coin that is issued to the users as a means of rewards in mining and master node staking.


The WolfpackBOT platform has created a platform that will maximize the return on investment of its users by using bots to trade. It has made available different subscription package for users to choose from. The project intends to give back to society with their Wolfpack philanthropy features which will contribute to some good causes like environmental issues, human right, and economic development. The project is backed by hard-working team members that are achieving the goals and objectives of the project.

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