Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges offer its users various partnership and affiliate programs. p2pb2b platform has chosen an unusual format and will be holding Referral Games for the 2nd time. 1012 traders participated in the 1st season of the Games and 33 of them received 1 million E-dinar coins. This time users will get a chance to win Bitcoin Rhodium coins in the equivalent of $10000. The season will last from February 1st until February 28th, 2019.

The rules

The main goal in the Games is to gather as many points as possible by making certain actions within p2pb2b exchanges.

Anyone willing to participate:

Should register at p2pb2b website;

Get a referral link;

Invite friends to register at p2pb2b with the link.

Users are also able to receive 15% of each trading commission paid by the referral for transactions made in Bitcoin Rhodium (minimum deposit = 10$). The prize of $10000 in XRC coins will be distributed between the participants in accordance with the number of points. Only 1st and 2nd referrals are considered.

How to get points?

The points in Referral Games are allocated for fulfilling the following actions:

1 point for making 1 transaction in any cryptocurrency per day;

2 points for making 1 transaction in Bitcoin Rhodium per day;

5 points as soon as your referral registers;

10 points as soon as your referral makes a deposit in Bitcoin Rhodium;

10 points for pacing the KYC procedure.

p2pb2b is a cryptocurrency originally launched in 2014 and completely upgraded in 2018. The improved platform meets all the requirements of modern traders and provides users with a convenient and safe ecosystem for buying, selling, and trading crypto. The exchange is mainly focused on B2B sector but also covers the need of individual traders. p2pb2b users access high performance, 24/7 support, strong safety (96% of all currencies are stored on cold wallets + 2FA), and low trading fees. The exchange has also reached Top-25 list on CoinMarketCap.