I'm back with another astonishing review still on blockchain you know ever since the invention of blockchain technology, blockchain has face alot of challenges which alot of visionaries and analyst and different developers around the globe have put in their efforts to tackle this problem but it seems the more they put in their efforts the more complicated issues keep surfacing on daily basis, but the main reason for blockchain invention was to solve problems and to save humanity from some unnecessary stress and hand them a decentralized platform where transparency is achieved, blockchain also offer fast transaction speed while increasing the trust between dealers (the buyer and the seller) Atomic is a multi-cryptocurrency a kind of a decentralized wallet that is accessible for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The wallet utilizes BitTorrent innovation for disseminated request books and molecule swap innovation with the expectation of complimentary trade between different channels. Atomicwallet likewise offers immediate trade choices - Changelly and ShapeShift. HOW DOES ATOMIC SWAP WORK? We have seen that the Atomic-Swap is created to support transactions between 2 different virtual currencies. Atomic Swap is a strategy that allows you to negotiate an electronic loan in "chain", directly, without going through any type of third-party services. How it works, can be finished in 2 ways: >ON THE CHAIN >OFF THE CHAIN Of the two possibilities, Atomic Swap works by applying Locked Hashed Time (HTLC) settings. The use of this HTLC stems from the BTC neighborhood concept that uses Lightning Network. ATOMIC SWAP FEATURES: Cross-chain Atomic Swaps between any BTC-LTC-QTUM combine Blockchain-based shared request execution Quick and secure information exchange with Atomic Distributed Orderbook Guardianship free arrangement with no outsider dangers and FEES Flexible Market arrange edge and quick rate refresh Exchanging history blockchain capacity and fast rate update Trading history blockchain storage ASSET MANAGEMENT: Receive and send over 300 crypto currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, DGB, DASH, ETC, QTUM, BCH, XLM, ZEC, XMR and ERC20 tokens CUSTOM TOKEN FUNCTION: You can add any ERC20 token to Atomic Wallet in one minute Exchange assets via Changelly or Shapeshift with variable or fixed rate Follow your wallet in different fiduciary currencies. SECURITY AND MIGRATION: Strong, non-custodial encryption solution ensures a high level of security Users can export their private keys in different formats Private key storage is personal, which means the funds are controlled by its owners. Atomic-Swap requires each party to organize a contract. The arrangements maintain an affordable outcome for the challenger side, but the regulations to be applied are different for each side involved. ATOMIC TOKEN The Atomic Portfolio will launch its own token, named Atomic Pocketbook Coin (AWC). An astringent limit of 100 million AWC will certainly be established, it will never be increased. AWC will certainly work only on the ETH blockchain with ERC: 20. Ticker: AWC Type: ERC: 20 symbols Full name: Atomic Budget Coin or AWC Decimal places: 8 Complete supply: 100,000,000 AWC All additional information about this project can be obtained from official sources: WEBSITE | WHITE PAPER |TWITTER|FACEBOOK |TELEGRAM |ANN WRITER’S BTT USERNAME: PrissMCclen WRITTER’S BTT PROFILE LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2253210