The goal behind Chimpion is to create the first true Cryptocurrency payment system for merchants giving them an opportunity to sell products with crypto as the base currency. Chimpion aims to improve the efficiency of the payment system in the e-commerce market and also integrate a settlement backend structure into its platform. By using Chimpion, merchants will have an opportunity to create an online store on Chimpionstore and accept any cryptocurrency of their choice by setting such currency as the base currency of their respective storefront. Another notable goal of Chimpion is to create an incentive program for the users who shop on online store on the platform and equip its users with an all in one special cryptocurrency wallet (BCD WALLET) which allows them to store and spend a multitude of cryptocurrency anywhere anytime.


In order to provide its users with the ultimate cryptocurrency powered payment solution, Chimpion has integrated the BCD wallet into its platform which enables the users of the platform to spend cryptocurrency in the real world and also in online stores. The BCD wallet is built with an easy to use interface, simple enough for even a novice to technology to understand. The BCD wallet enables anybody to make online transactions with the use of cryptocurrencies easily. I call the BCD wallet and all in one wallet because it recognizes all ERC20 tokens and many other different tokens BTC, BCH, EOS, and many other top cryptocurrencies.

With the introduction of Chimpion Chargeback common to the traditional e-commerce  will be totally eradicated. Currently there are several cases of Chargeback on known centralized e-commerce platform like PayPal which is detrimental to merchants as they bear most of these losses, however with Chimpion in town Chargeback will be a forgotten story because transactions on Chimpion will be lightning fast and also due to the fact that the Chimpion Platform is built on the ever agile and efficient blockchain technology, all transactions transparent, verifiable by all, lightning fast efficient and peer to peer with the aid of smart contract creation. CHIMPION decentralized platform enhances merchants and consumers to transact and exchange products online by using cryptocurrencies as a payment solution and payment are facilitated using smart contracts creation. CHIMPION mission is to eliminate current difficulties confronted when making transactions online and also present the global e-commerce market an entry point to the cryptocurrency world. More like a bridge connecting them together. This is simply because the merchants will have an opportunity to display their goods to a larger audience while also enabling them to receive cryptocurrencies as payment


It is only logical that merchants are swamping to benefit from this revolutionary solution offered by Chimpion. With a working product and token having value in major crypto exchanges merchant are already enjoying the solutions offered by Chimpion. This include Marks Jewelers, BCD Bazaar, Mahone's Wallpaper Shop Rosetta Coffee.

The Token (CHIMP and BNANA)

Chimpion is powered by two tokens the CHIMP token the base token within the ChimpionStore while BNANA is earned from the utilization of the platform in form of loyalty rewards or freebies. These two token with two separate use cases steers the platform to greatness and are very important to the overall goal of the project Website: https://www.chimpion.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.chimpion.io/whitepaper/

Telegram: https://t.me/chimpionio/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Chimpionio/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chimpionio


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