Omnity allows you to find information and all data associated with it, even if this connection is not very clear. In the world of global information where we are, all information and resources are increasingly defragmented and divided into certain groups, which makes it difficult to find and work with them.

This service solves this problem by implementing innovative search engines that have the ability to sort out all that is not necessary and present to the user only what he is looking for in the minimum amount of time spent.

The search system used simplifies and speeds up the search and analysis of data from various sources and fields of activity, be it information from the fields of medicine, geography, politics or economics. The border is erased!

This system is based on innovative technology from the associative search method, which is achieved by a long search for solutions and a large number of experiments.

As a result, among the various layers of information, the so-called "semantic relationships" are created, which help reveal what is the same between what can happen between various types and subjects of information. This method has proven that at a glance many different types of information or documents can be linked to deep ideas.

Join ICO Omnity

You can already join the project team at Telegram, leaving your feedback or suggestions for further platform development.

The MVP platform (a product with minimal functionality) is available, where users can upload any document to the service database and find out whether they are similar or identical in the internal Omnity global library.

You can also share and distribute information about the project and continue to use platform tokens to use bots to ensure that your information is not used without your notice.


Special Adopter systems (EAP) contribute to the growth of tokens and the possibility of their use for further resale, depending on accruals In addition, tokens can be used to activate what is called bot discovery - this is your personal virtual agent who can find content on the subject you choose.

Tokens are used to receive large amounts of information that users download to the platform.

Who is interested in Omnity's offer?

Medical institution
This system is able to solve the problem of lack of systematization in a general list of maps, indicators, medical schedules and medicines. Omnity will be able to receive individual signals for requests based on map data, eliminate information gaps, provide a brief description of search data, display graphics, and all necessary information.

High-level State Company
This platform is able to analyze the amount of input information from any institution system, and after a certain time makes a large-scale analysis of the performance level of one or other institutions used by the institution.

Pharmaceutical company
Omnity will easily and clearly classify all groups of drugs according to the same characteristics, creating the most accurate and easy to use drug base

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