The world we live in right now is full of opportunities everywhere. With start-ups fast gaining ground and rapidly becoming big players in their industries and average people becoming successful and earning a good source of income for themselves without the hassles they would have faced in the previous decade or so. This has been made possible through advancements in technology that has eased the stress needed to provide a backing infrastructure for businesses as well as better access to more tools that are now becoming easier to use with wider applications. One such tool is cloud computing. It has revolutionized the information storage industry and made things faster, better, cheaper and more efficient. Unfortunately, however, it is not as simple to use and obtain as it is supposed to be. Startups have to spend a significant amount of finding professionals with the right expertise to use build cloud designs for them that suit their very custom needs. And with the ever-growing demand for cloud designs by almost all sets of people from entrepreneurs to system engineers, there is a dire need for better ways to access this much-needed technology without going through the hassles currently being experienced. Fortunately, a team of visionary minds has taken it upon themselves to build a platform that solves this very daunting challenge for us all in one of the simplest ways possible.



REINDEER is a platform to be built on the Ethereum blockchain that aims to provide a vast collection of cloud designs that are tailor-made for a variety of applications and are primarily easy to use. Every willing participant can now create, store and share cloud designs on the REINDEER platform while also taking advantage of the immutability and, funds flow and transparent information management that the blockchain offers.


Big library: with REINDEER all sorts of clientele have access to easy to use and apply cloud computing tools for their very own online services.

Product ratings: all clod designs to be made available on the platform are evaluated based on a laid down system unique to the platform and assigned ratings. The information is then made available publicly to all those that may want to acquire it or just assess it thus promoting the presence of only high-quality content on the platform.

Get paid: users of the platform get paid in REINDEER tokens (once a month) for creating, sharing, and storing the cloud designs to the global market provided by the platform based on their rating after evaluation of their product.


• Six months after the start of the project, a test version of the system infrastructure, namely CDML and the token mechanism will be released.

• Six months later, an official version will be released together with user experience-related peripheral systems such as the operation support interface and the workflow.

• Six months after that, APIs will then be added to encourage reuse of all systematic data in reindeer.

• Upgrade all these functions are scheduled to take place at regular intervals of every six months for the system infrastructure and every three months for peripheral systems.


The team is a group of ambitious and visionary minds with experience on their hands that are dedicated to making the world a better place with better access to cloud computing for all.

The founder, Shintaro Hara, has enough experience in new business development and management of the development department, has been an engineer for over 15 years, and has done extensive work introducing machine learning, natural language and image processing, and geographic information systems (on LinkedIn

The co-founder, Yuki Ikeda, joined Recruit Co., Ltd. In 2011 and also founded an offshore development company in Vietnam (on LinkedIn

The co-founder, Toshihisa Nakamizu, has been developing apps to make all kinds of things in life a bit more convenient, from restaurants and kindergartens to retirement homes and the neighborhood greengrocer with his firm belief in the his motto that says “I want to make small inconveniences more convenient, even just a little” he intends to make the world better for all in any way he possibly can (on Facebook






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