What is UDAP?

UDAP, a global decentralized asset platform, is a blockchain middleware that provides a complete API and ‘Wallet Property’ for application developers to create strong blockchain based applications without the need to write any smart contracts. This is a ‘second layer’ solution for non-mushroom assets to simplify and accelerate the development of blockchain applications.

About Udap UDAP is a blockchain-based asset protocol between public applications and block chains to provide a complete API and “Property Wallet” for application developers to create blockchain-based applications. strong without writing a smart contract. In what we call “asset-oriented programming” models, application developers take advantage of traditional Internet application architectures and use UDAP as an asset encryption class, notary transactions. and adjust the contract in the event of a dispute. Middle UDAP core services [Token service]

This service helps applications to quickly give tokens to assets in applications, such as tickets, IP rights, certificates, and game assets. It also helps applications make currency in the application. udap 1.png Technically UDAP provides many modules to accelerate application development Token services, to manage the entire life cycle of supported asset tokens.

This application can instantly register assets based on tokens and provide an integrated market for their customers. Status of service channels, to allow applications to conduct offline transactions and be secured by public blockchain, such as Ethereum. Data concealment services, to hide ownership of assets, use Ring signature technology. Providing safe content for digital content assets, using Proxy Re-encryption technology. Exchange services, for decentralized asset transactions, including application currencies and asset tokens. Wallet is popular for versatile mobile user interfaces to handle all assets supported by tokens that have been assisted by UDAP. Technically UDAP adds a special module to accelerate application development Service Tokens, to maintain the complete life cycle of crypto-tokens that assets support. Current applications can check token-based properties in the chain and supply the default market to their customers. State channel services, to allow packages for transaction habits mostly offline and Secured by the public blockchain, reminds Ethereum.

Data confusion services, to cover asset ownership, utilize Ring Signature technology. Distribution of safe content material for virtual content material assets, using Re-Encryption Proxy technology. Exchange services, for trading decentralized assets, adding application currencies and asset tokens. A universal pocket for a mobile person interface that is flexible to care for properties supported by any tokens that UDAP has assisted. udap 2.png State service channel status technology channel service deployment to help logical application logic partition applications from them between the chain and turn off the chain, to achieve the best efficiency of the sequence and continuity of the string. This is very important to minimize costs and provide the best user experience possible.

Introduction to tokens UPX UDAP Foundation released UDAP tokens (also known as UPX tokens). UPX tokens are used to make deposits needed to become consumers of UDAP services. Transaction costs, gas payments (i.e. smart contract performance costs) and continuous storage payments are also often collected in UPX tokens. UPX Tokens UPX tokens are used using the Ethereum ERC20 standard. The total supply is 10,000,000,000.

TOX notification codes can be purchased in the following ways: Token distribution events (TDE) Buy UPX tokens from secondary markets, such as electronic money or Airdrop token exchanges (This method is used as a popular means of UDAP) … Information about tokens. Token – UPX Platform – Ethereum Type – ERC20 PreICO Price – 1 UPX = 0.0164 USD Price in ICO – 0.0083 USD Tokens for sale – 4,000,000,000 Distributed in ICO – 40% Tim 

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Website: https://www.udap.io

Whitepaper: https://www.udap.io/whitepapers/UDAP-Whitepaper-English-v08.pdf

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