Good day guys. I assume we are all doing great. So today, I will be starting with the latest announcement released by bitmax. Apparently some users have been experiencing some suspicious login attempt and some bitmax have released a statement to ensure that users account are safe. The credentials used for this continuous log in attempts on user accounts was gotten from external sites not associated with bitmax, bitmax has a risk control mechanism that immediately noticed these log in attempts and flagged them off as malicious also, bitmax ensured that users information are stored in a secured database and users require multiple levels of verification before they can withdraw from their exchange wallets.

Due to recent attempts, bitmax have taken some bold steps to ensure that their security is no more compromised putting the interest of their users in mind.

The first step taken was to ensure that all affected users are required to pass through a compulsory and complete email re-verification and expectedly change their passwords to ensure better user account security. Users are also required to enable their Google two factor verification. Google two factor verification is one of the best ways to ensure that user accounts are safe from malicious attempts and unwanted hacks, protecting users account and their assets.

Any user who still has issues having access to his/her account is advised to contact the bitmax customer support.

Read on the official announcement here

On the latest development surrounding bitmax

Bitmax on their last week report released an impressive data. The data states that as of the 1st day of February 2019, A total of 262,569,928 bitmax tokens has been mined an increased of over 22 million bitmax tokens from the last week report also the permanent lock-up tokens increased by over 2 million tokens going up to 42,925,462 bitmax tokens in lock up. The current total circulation of bitmax token has risen an impressive 219,644,466 bitmax token from an addition of over 20 million bitmax tokens.

Bitmax also has begun the public test of margin trading through, you can check it out. There was also a total of 3 new tokens that joined the bitmax exchange listing list. Welcome ZEC, Quickx and BXA to the trading family.

Check out the last week report

In case you are just hearing about bitmax for the first time, Bitmax is a digital asset trading platform that is based on a community based autonomous ecosystem. It uses both Proof of Stake and Proof of Work and depends on the full approval of the community to set the blockchain ecosystem distributed autonomy key features. The autonomous system of the bitmax ecosystem allows for the users to be participative, ensuring users carry out tasks such as transaction mining, project voting, mining pool construction, building of joint ecosystem and all these actions are carried out voluntarily. In the co-operative aspect, users would be able to work and in exchange for that work obtain an economic incentive also, in accord to the PoS and PoW mechanisms, users will receive 100% of their remuneration and those who take part in both the management and building of mining pool will receive a higher remuneration.