In the recent years, humanity has witnessed a new revolutionary technology called blockchain. Its immutable, incorruptible and unhackable nature makes it more superior than any other existing technology. It increases transparency, security and provides faster rate of transactions. Today many companies and organizations began exploring the use of blockchain into their core payment solutions. Because in blockchain, transaction information is encrypted at highest level of security thus making it impossible to hack. Thus implementation of blockchain into traditional banking system will revolutionize it. With this international payments will now be settled within seconds.


There is no doubt that today many organizations and companies began exploring the use of blockchain into their core applications. But still the blockchain implementation is not yet simple and easy as it seems. Today many blockchain projects are working very hard to make this happen. Thus with the blockchain implementation every part of our society will become more advanced than ever before.

Blockchain technology has the capacity to transform our traditional payment sector. Blockchain will revolutionize the financial sector with its nature. Cross border payments will be a matter of seconds. And the security and transparency provided by blockchain is at highest level. Blockchain adoption in traditional banking system will make it more advanced and superior. Thanks to Kleyn Bank project which is aiming to make it reality.

About the project

The main aim of the Kleyn Bank project is to create a decentralized banking global ecosystem which will transform the way we do banking today. It implements tokenized solution to facilitate high quality, transparent, secured, simple and user-friendly banking system for individuals and institutions. It is worth noting that the Kleyn Bank is fully compliant with regulatory guidelines such as FEMA, FERA and AMA.

The Kleyn Bank is a licensed bank under companies act 1995 of Malta.

Design feature

Kleyn Bank simplifies the complex blockchain technology and adopts it for financial transactions, management and corporate governance. The decentralized blockchain mechanism increases transparency, security and reliability. It uses smart contract technology to execute all the financial operations.

The Kleyn Bank team provides different solutions which are:

• with blockchain adoption people will use digital currency and familiar with future technology;

• use of cryptocurrency will transform the debit and credit card payment system;

• the transaction becomes more faster, cheaper and secure;

• it provides insurance, trading and other banking solutions through blockchain;

• it provides simple and user-friendly banking tools for all;


Kleyn Bank has many innovative solutions to revolutionize the traditional banking system, which helps to make mass blockchain adoption:

• Kleyn Bank offers different types of feature through mobile application such as various insurances executable by smart contracts. Tokenization helps to preserve the credibility;

• the mobile application allows to perform various other operations for individuals, institutions, investors and traders. It helps to make crypto and blockchain mass adoption;

• thus all the transactions will become more faster, cheaper and secured. Users can confirm the transaction through fingerprint;

ICO details

• Token ticker: KLB

• Platform: ERC20

• Token price: $0.05

• Total tokens: 1 Billion

Token distribution


There is no doubt that Kleyn Bank will play an important role in revolutionizing the banking sector. With this people will familiar with future technology. Tokenization allows to perform every banking operation transparently. All the transactions become faster, cheaper and secured. Cross border transactions well now be a matter of seconds. It is worth noting that the Kleyn Bank is a licensed and in compliant with regulatory guidelines. This project needs much public attention and I wish all the best for this project.

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