The traditional banking sector has been in operation for more than 200 years now providing a wide range of services to their customers. Their long term services to the populace has earned them so much trust from them. The era of cryptocurrencies also started from the last decade and is gradually gaining acceptance and adoption by the general public.

Unfortunately, our traditional banks see the digital currencies as antagonists and some even go to the extent of advising and or banning their customers from investing and performing transactions using cryptocurrencies. This is the time we need a connector to bridge the gap between our traditional banks and cryptocurrencies and that is why HubrisOne has come.

HubrisOne is a secure and intelligent App which function as both a cryptocurrency wallet and traditional fiat bank account which is envisioned to synergize the benefits of both the traditional banks and cryptocurrencies. In order to make the cryptocurrency market attractive to investors, it must be licensed and regulated for them to feel secured when investing their monies.

There are other good sides of the banks, such as their trusted system, which would be beneficial to maintain and that is why HubrisOne is not going to completely eradicate the traditional banks but rather combine the two industries on a common platform for better user experience. HubrisOne is going to take advantage of the growing usage of smartphones to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies by presenting a familiar banking solutions with the integration of digital currencies.

HubrisOne has so many goodies to offer the crypto community so I entreat all readers of this article to follow the links below to read more about us:



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