The investment in blockchain projects is still popular among businessmen and crypto enthusiasts. According to ICOdata, over $7,8 billion was contributed to crypto startups in 2018. New projects are introduced to the market players all the time but only a little part of them really have potential. p2pb2b exchange has made a list of TOP-10 projects recently listed on the platform that worth your attention.

City Coin

Cryptocurrency which promotes the idea of using digital money in everyday lives. The coin is used in Smart City Platform based on City Chain blockchain. The network provides users with crypto technologies that can be implemented in the cities, for example like buying goods and services online, all over the world.


A self-mining contract created by fintech experts. The system is connected to 4000 crowd sale contributors, each gets an equal amount of mined coins within the next 15 years. No hardware or no expensive machines are used. EvenCoin holders can make transactions at a low cost of 0,03$ in 30 seconds.


Luxury Global Citizen rewards program connects 1200 luxury brands and 6.3 million clients in the world. The service accepts the ‘exit coin’ (LGC) utilizing global luxury markets, including 12 sectors such as watches, jewellery, and cars. With the LGC application users make online shopping, pay with LGC, and get a 5% cash reward.


The platform that aims to bring cryptocurrencies to the commercial marketplace. Users can generate invoices, send and receive payments, create multi-currency wallets and make crypto transactions. CFC has no borders, limits, and charges less than $1 per transaction.


The network made to support brilliant ideas of newcomers in the tech world. The projects under the guidance of TakeOff are expected to have a 20-times increased added value within a couple of years since the start. The more startups come to life with the help of TakeOff the more value TKO gets.


A blockchain network that combines a payment system, an exchange, Visa card service, and own coins for convenient use of cryptocurrencies. The app allows users to make instant payments with a 0,5% fee for each transaction. The ECT token powers payment gateways, trading platform and business lines that continue to develop within the network.


A digital currency that promotes the idea of global usage of cryptocurrencies and makes cryptocurrency affordable even by people with less financial means. The coin has a relatively low price, is promised to have significant growth in the future and is backed by a supportive community of contributors.


Secure and spendable coin that provides payment, settlement, and cross border transactions. The network is audited by third-party companies which guarantee its accuracy. It is a secure and reliable currency that is not vulnerable to the volatility of the crypto market and keeps its rate fixed to 1 Singapore dollar.


A community of over 1000 developers, IT companies and investors who develop and invest in products of the future based on the blockchain and the AI. Developers access various projects on popular blockchains, while investors are able to invest directly in the best possible blockchain and AI solutions. All employees, founders, and investors are also shareholders of the company.

Bitcoin Rhodium

A community-based digital asset with limited supply and strong use case. The coin meets all the requirements of users for a long-term investment in cryptocurrency and unites the best of the worlds of crypto and traditional investment. Strong Hands partnership programme offered by the founder allows holders to earn from 0,5% to 30% of reward on XRC holdings every year.