Since the beginning of 2019, already over $28 million was raised by new crypto-based projects as it is stated in the ICOdata statistics. The simplest way to support the ideas and ensure your future ROI is to buy project’s tokens on the cryptocurrency exchange. Reliable trading platform mostly lists only credible coins, so as long as you trust the exchange of your choice, you may trust the currencies they enlist. p2pb2b selected 10 most promising projects that were recently introduced to the platform users.


Services on ICO launch, listing, financing, and fundraising. The company already carried out more than 20 blockchain projects and signed contracts for more than $4.000.000. EBSP token is based on ERC-20 standard, limited to 1 billion coins and is used as a payment for services within the EBSP network.


A freelance network for professional in e-commerce, industrial, warehousing, cleaning and other spheres where users can find a well-paid job. The project was created by specialists in HR, banking, and fintech. The system uses Labor-Hours coins protected from inflation and backed by real labor time.


A cryptocurrency that combines the benefits of Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. The coin improves mining process and scalability, uses technologies of Segregated Witness and Lightning Network to increase transaction speed and lower trading fees. The ecosystem of the currency includes wallets, pools, nodes, and trading platforms that support the growth and stability of BTH.


Network that includes multi-currency wallet, online and offline merchant platform, analytics system, and cloud mining. The platform ensures transparency, reliability, and security of all operations within the network and uses EVR coin as a part of the ecosystem.


An educational blockchain-based content platform. Users get access to all educational materials and activities, and get rewarded as they study. Anyone can learn, get rewards, and grant their funds to educational projects within the network.


A cryptocurrency created for small investors that aims to be an affordable, low-cost asset profitable on long terms. SWT transactions are untraceable, private, and anonymous. The network also excludes the problems of double spending and hacking.


A provider of applications for blockchain-based payment systems. VegaWallet is created both for newcomers and professional crypto holders, provides 24/7 customer support and implements the latest security tools to ensure the safety of users’ digital assets. The app of the network has a built-in cryptocurrency exchange.


System Financial infrastructure that launched Constant coin backed by USD. It not only keeps the stability of the coin but also allows to withdraw your funds in cash anytime. The network doesn’t charge any fees for transactions made in Constant coins between accounts and provides users with offline and online payment support.


Crypto-banking service that provides users with access to own exchange and a payment system based on XBX token. ERC-20 compatible digital wallet, a virtual debit card for payments, and discount are available for token holders. Bitex teds to create a new credit standard in the blockchain economic system.


A digital payment ecosystem that provides cryptocurrency based on P2P technology. The main goal of the project is to provide a long-term energy-efficient SCRYPT-based cryptocurrency. The coin is developed on a hybrid POW/POS blockchain which allows users to make transactions without fees and to protect their assets against volatility.