Nowadays it has turned into an undeniably tough errand for some individuals to pay their health bills. If not controlled, it can prompt an expansion in death rate sooner rather than later. However, what is in charge of this startlingly unremarkable increment in health care value sudden rise? Late research has recorded an expanding maturing populace, new advances in medication and increasing expenses as a definitive variables that will need to take notice. There are few different ways by which this essential issue can be handled however I will dive into the solution raised by CUREStoken due to my enthusiasm for blockchain proposed solutions. 

Cost of healthcare services turns out to be progressively high because of its centralized nature. In any case, when grafted and decentralized, the healthcare system unites a few partners with various tasks to carry out including health application developers, medical gear providers and medical service suppliers just as the patients themselves. These partners can use the development that blockchain innovation unites to pool assets and lessen costs while rearing a healthy challenge inside the system. 

To complete their objectives CUREStoken ecosystem will depend on 6 primary sections.

Health Apps Store (Known as HAPP Store): Apps made in the store will be adapted at enhancing vision essentially. The platform invites designers to list their applications for nothing. A supported application; the vision – programming for visually challenged individuals is at present accessible in the store and it tends to be acquired utilizing the CURES' CRS tokens.

E-Health Records: Electronic health records empowers patients to use control over their own data. They can take part in online interviews and get the best suppositions while never making a big deal about leaving the solace of their present area along these lines lessening time squandered on holding up records which can additionally trade off the health of an effectively weak patient. With the patient's data in their control, they can even make money by moving it for medical examinations and reviews. 

Health Assurance Platform: CUREStoken will give a future contracts thought that can be hand crafted or nonexclusive enabling suppliers of medical services to offer the agreements at limited rates. The platform will empower patients and medical service suppliers the opportunity to purchase and pitch the agreements as a way to using rare assets. 

Marketplace and Review Platform: Just like perusing through your most loved online stores and experiencing item reviews before starting a buy, patients and medical professionals can leave reviews on the marketplace upon fruitful fulfillment of an exchange by means of the blockchain. New and returning guests on the platform can peruse through a few arrangements of medical service suppliers from all around the globe and pick the best health supplier utilizing the target assessments from the dependable trust review system. 

Trading Platform: By giving a straightforward and intelligent mode for leading sales, proprietors of medical hardware supplies can offer their things either by wholesale to clinics and hospitals or offer specifically to patients and different traders. This will help diminish costs and furthermore evacuate the requirement for confounded inventory network bottlenecks. 

Beneficent Trust Fund: There are a few districts on the planet today that need access to fundamental health offices and in spite of the endeavors of NGOs and other altruistic associations, it is as yet insufficient to take into account the health needs in those third world zones. The altruistic trust fund will work as an independent legitimate association that is funded utilizing 5% of the all out CUREStoken absolute supply and other intentional commitments to finance major beneficent projects focused at supporting healthcare advancements in the most healthcare-denied regions on the planet.

ITO Dates & Details

The team have released 500 million coins, of which 175 million will be sold during private and public sales. Public sales will be held from March 1 to April 30 this year. The cost of the 1st CURES in this period will be 0.001 ETH.

The hardcap of the project is 175 thousand ETH, the softcap will be determined after the completion of the token sale.

The distribution of tokens is as follows:

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