The Fintech and blockchain are creating projects that are disrupting the financial industry with innovative platforms. These projects are reshaping the way financial transactions are executed with less transaction fees greater efficiency and speed. The Collective project is a decentralized blockchain project that is specially created to provide Fintech services for its users.

The Collective ecosystem is also created to improve the digital experiences of its users. It provides various opportunities in using an application that makes available several crypto products with different well planned and executed features so that the users can accomplish their crypto needs. In the crypto world, the power of a crypto community cannot be overemphasized. The crypto economy market place is an environment that is highly volatile. Crypto community enthusiasm influences the actual performance of a cryptocurrency and its acceptance.

A crypto community makes a currency to moon or mar. The values of a crypto coin go in direct proportion to the number of the individual that uses it – demand and supply. The Collective project based its platform on several products with good features that will meet the need of its community members and beyond.

What The Collective Ecosystem Offers

1. The Collective platform offers the services of creating a successful business. It provides a low-cost workspace for incubating and managing client’s business or projects from dream to reality. The platform has independent and experienced contributors that are professionals in helping build successful projects. The platform makes available excellent customer support that is available 24 / 7 to answer the client’s questions and support them in all ways possible. The contributors are veterans that will work on business ideas of the clients and advice accordingly as professionals. They mentor, educate, guide, strategize, partner, advertise and influence their client's project to see that they have a successful and running business which they help build from scratch.

2. The Collective ecosystem makes available two types of cryptocurrency exchanges. A decentralized and a centralized cryptocurrency exchange market place. The centralized type of cryptocurrency exchange platform is the most common cryptocurrency trading platform in the crypto trading market place but not secured. Most cryptocurrency exchange hacks are perpetrated on centralized crypto exchanges because funds are stored in a centralized hot wallet. The Collective platform has put in security measure in its centralized system thereby making them more secure. The decentralized cryptocurrency ensures more security it uses distributed ledger technology and smart contracts. The platform gives the user the choice to choose a trading platform that suits his trading needs.

3. TraderOne is the centralized cryptocurrency platform on the Collective Platform. Here, users are able to trade cryptocurrencies using fiat or cryptocurrencies such as fiat/crypto paring or crypto/crypto pairing. TradeOne exchange on the collective platform is a secured centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is built on a secured and advance vault technology that is hard to hack. Security is highly assured as 97% of users fund is kept in cold storage with only 3% in hot wallet. A confirmation is needed before the transaction is consummated thereby guaranteeing the safety of users funds. Phishing, malware and virus attacks on payment gateway of the centralized system are the ways hackers steal from centralized. This risk has been reduced to 3% fund in hot wallet.

4. The Collective decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform CDEX enable the users to indulge in P2P cryptocurrency investment and trading. Here, ERC 20 tokens are traded globally. The Collective decentralized cryptocurrency exchange guarantees a safe and highly secured trading platform that is built on the blockchain technology. Security on the decentralized crypto exchange is the highest being built using the blockchain protocol. Theft is only done when hackers are able to steal users private keys.

5. The Collective ecosystem creates an easy entrance of new tokens to the cryptocurrency market place by enlisting them easily with less stress. New ICO projects that were nurture on the collective platform has an edge over those that were not developed on the Collective ecosystem. It is a known fact that new tokens have to pay high fees before they are listed on exchanges in the crypto market place.

6. Just like in the real world where people insure their lives, homes, properties, assets, pets, jewelry and other things of value. One can also do the same in the crypto world. Crypto insurance is on the rise as cryptocurrencies usage is growing exponentially. Digital assets are insured against loss and theft. The Collective platform makes is possible for its traders to indulge in the theft Insurance agreement. Here, the Client insured their trading cryptocurrencies using the options in their settings on the platform. Cryptocurrencies traders and investors are at risk of cryptocurrency theft. Users private keys can be stolen and funds have done away with. Theft insurance will settle the Client if such happens.

7. Trade plugin allows the trader to trade with more confidence as the plugin gives the needed information that will enable him to partake in a profitable trade. Some traders use these external trading plugins with trading analytical tools, information or bots to help them in trading. The Collective ecosystem allows external plugins that will automatically trade for the users. It provides advanced APIs specifically built for that purpose to help traders make profitable trading.

8. The cryptocurrency market place is highly volatile and unpredictable. The Collective platform has created a digital asset a stable coin that will give real-world asset and trust to the use of its cryptocurrency. A 1:1 value against the dollar. The Collective platform makes available two fiat currency backed stable coins pairings the EUR and USD both exchanging on a 1:1 value.

9. The Collective platform makes will make available an augmented reality video game that uses the CDEX token. The games will be available on the mobile phone using the phone camera for the augmented reality experience. Users will be rewarded with different types of cryptocurrencies made available by ICO or companies that what to advertise their tokens. This tokens will be won by the user as he progresses on the video game thereby increasing his cryptocurrencies portfolio.

10. The Collective global Initiative is a feature on the Collective platform that creates an alliance amongst its members to help one another. The alliance is created to unite and help community members. This community support will help members achieve their blockchain business desires. This Collective ecosystem feature will help its member create and implement strategies that will help achieve their business goals through economies of scale, enhancing healthy competitiveness, dividing risks, setting new standards, easy entering of new markets, overcoming challenges and much more.

Final Thoughts

The Collective ecosystem is designed with all its stakeholders in mind. Everyone is important in building a strong community that will be beneficial to all. The platform has a credit facility that allows the user to chose a pay later option which when used can be paid on an agreed time. The platform aims to empower the crypto community in every way possible. The Collective platform will also make it possible for users to get free tokens when they play augmented reality games on their mobile phone. Businesses will advertise their project and increase their community support by giving out token as rewards to players. While the players will get free tokens for doing what they love, playing games and relaxing.

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