Worldwide , infrastructural development is a major aspect of the global economy, yet there is no stable connectivity between blockchain and infrastructure. Blockchain is a rising cryptographic safe ledger technology that permits businesses of all kinds to be developed on a new improved set of applications which builds trust, enhanced accountability and transparency through an accessible ledger shared publicly in a deployed network of users. Blockchain is here to change the nature of businesses and infrastructures via a less expensive manner but for this to occur, there must be a strong connection between infrastructure and blockchain.

 Although, developing of infrastructure can be tackled by alot of obstacles, Morpheous labs handles the situation by providing a platform for firms, government agencies, banks etc to empower prototyping and business idea validation at a less cost.


 Morpheous Labs blockchain platform easily hasten up clients blockchain application developments thereby giving out the required flexibility for the users to select from amongst the available programming languages and blockchain runtime that will be able to satisfy their wants. The Morpheous labs does all the essential work for the firms, corporations, banks etc while they only need to focus on inputting more value to their work such as applications development and blockchain technology experimentation at a low cost and less time consumption. 

The company states that it is the first revolutionary corporation store based in Singapore, that is designed to interconnect companies from different regions to the blockchain system whereby the necessary flexibility is given out to help locate, choose, experiment and distribute applications to ther various enterprises. Morpheous labs provides unmatched benefits to it's clients which is achieved from integrated development environment, various preconfigured tasks, workspace management etc. 


- LESS EXPENSIVE : Morpheous labs gives out unhinged quality services and products which comes with value to clients at cost effective. 

- SECURED : Resources and support are available and ready on the cloud permitting easy access to customization including distribution of applications at any given time or place in a safe, convenient, scalable and trustworthy environment. 

- TRUSTED : The founder and idea of the enterprise has been accepted by SGInnovate which is a Singapore Government choosen start up group made up of professional engineers and team members. 

- ACCESSIBILITY : The Morpheous labs team are cross functional, experts and specialized in different background of blockchain businesses. 

- PROVIDE PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS : Morpheous labs test environment offers the best proefficient blockchain platform services and combats the most daring challenges or issues facing by corporations, businesses, banks etc. 


 The platform is designed to achieve long-term success, stability and scalability by following some principles which includes;

- Actively adopts open standards by design, specifically leveraging open source tools and technologies where appropriate.

-Conform to a layered architecture with modular and pluggable components.

-Build on robust cloud technology to support scalability, elasticity and auto-provisioning of compute resources.

- Facilitate blockchain applications to remain agnostic of underlying computer and network structures on the platform.

- Provide a secure segregated environment for users’entities to host their blockchain network, ultimately maintaining data privacy.

- Provide containerised technology such as containers and virtual machines, for hosting of blockchain nodes on the platform in a distributed way.

- Support micro-service architecture pattern in developing and hosting blockchain applications.

- Provide a defined way to integrate self-provisioned middleware services in the platform for additional integration with external world and other private or public blockchain networks.

- The platform is designed to support any blockchain protocol, especially the following protocols such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Multichain and NEM. 


- Multiple blockchain technology, private blockchain alongside public blockchain.

-In-region hosted cloud data centres, leveraging VM and Docker container virtualisation technology to provide a reliable and scalable cloud environment.

- Integrated cloud development environment with suite of tools to develop, test and deploy blockchain applications.

- Preconfigured sample applications and ready-to-use applications from in-platform applications marketplace and ready-to-use APIs published (e.g., banking APIs) for fast prototyping and easier customisation. For example, we provision open sourced trade exchange or cryptocurrency exchange, as shown above.

- User and identity access management and security protection services to secure access to the platform.

- Support micro service–based application architecture to easily composite new applications.

- Able to expose blockchain applications as APIs and consume external APIs.


The token being utilized in the Morpheous labs platform is known as Morpheous Labs Infrastructure Token Version x ( MITx). MITx is a Erc20 compactible token and it is an essential aspect of Morpheous labs BPaaS network that allows users easy access to trading, token swap, platform subscription payment etc 

1 billion MITx will be created and out of the total 1 billion, 250 million MITx will be issued to the public for Token Generation event ( TGE). When the cap of USD 25M is achieved, the public sale will be closed without any delays regardless of the project roadmap. The remaining MITx from the total 1billion is going to be used in project expansion and development as well as reserved for future use. 

- Name: Morpheus Infrastructure Platform

- Token Name: MITx (Morpheus Infrastructure Token version x)

- Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1B)

- Token Sales: 250,000,000 (250M)

- Decimals: 8

 - Value: 8,000 MITx to 1 ETH




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- Phase 0: Design and Version Alpha - Sep 2016

- Phase 1: Develop DevOps Tooling - Jan 2018

- Phase 2: Support Co-creation and Group Development - Apr 2018

- Phase 3: Commercialisation Phase - Jul 2018

- Phase 4: User Experience Enhancement - Oct 2018

- Phase 5: Interoperability Between Blockchains - Future, 2019


-Phase 1 - Q3 2016

Idea and founder was hand-picked by SGInnovate (a Government initiative)

-Phase 2 - June 2017

Founding advisory team joined in August

Received and in discussions with global names on distributorship 

Top 5 (out of global 22 bidders) in Smart Dubai Government

-Phase 3 - Oct 2017

Received initial seed investment

Government Polytechnic in Singapore in discussion of a 5-campus implementation of our solution and co create a curriculum

Signed MoU with Proline Integrated Intelligence (one of biggest System integrators) on Turkey smart nation projects (Starts with airport)

Received proposal for distributorship and JV in Japan, Malaysia and Dubai

-Phase 4 - Feb 2018 (Southeast Asia)

Launch official Token Sales

Collaboration with Y3 technology on building tracking PoC

Official sales partnership campaign for Southeast Asia region

-Phase 5 - June 2018

Official sales partnership campaign for rest of Asia and UAE region

Launch blockchain lab across Southeast Asia in all established and recognised innovation labs, accelerators, co-working spaces, colleges and universities

-Phase 6 - Future

Launch blockchain lab across rest of Asia and UAE in innovation labs, accelerators, co-working spaces, college and universities. 

Sales activities launch in rest of Asia and UAE


Infrastructure is the core of a successful economy, although it comes with heavy accumulated cost in actualizing it. These inadvertently discourages most businesses, corporations, banks etc from establishing remarkable designs and infrastructure due to the undesirable factors such as too much cost, poor development, lack of flexibility etc involved in such infrastructural plans but with the integration of blockchain, this problems can be mitigated and straighten out successfully. Morpheous labs is the solution to this problem. Any type of firms, banks, businesses etc is welcome to be involved with them because they are reliable, trusted, made of professional teams and reliable with fantastic benefits awaiting the clients such as convenient test environment which can provide the flexibility needed for any firm or business to create, locate, choose and deploy applications to their enterprises.

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