It would be absolutely impossible for be to believe if anyone should tell me that they really to enjoy their time at a healthcare facility. This is not just because we go there when we are not feeling to good as this feeling also owes a lot to inefficiency that currently plagues the healthcare industry. Considering the correlation between one's health and quality of life, it is really sad to note that we do not receive the best possible services. The issues we have had to deal with at one time or the other include; poor health insurance systems, poor record keeping and inaccessibility to drugs.

Having come to the conclusion that the healthcare industry runs one of the most important ecosystems to man, we would not be asking for too much if we demand better services.

Introducing CURESTOKEN

Cures is a blockchain based project which has the main goal of totally obliterating the shortcomings in and around the healthcare industry. This platform will transport us from a traditional healthcare system into an efficiency inclined decentralized world of blockchain technology. The Cures platform will empower patients, health care app developers, medical service providers, health care equipment suppliers and every other person directly or indirectly involved with the healthcare industry through education and availability of scarce resources.

Cures will also offer a wide array of services within the healthcare industry which include; top notch payment features at affordable cost, attractive business opportunities, interest free fund raising services, trading contracts using medical futures, storing and trading using medical records, making available digital health aiding apps and lots more.

The six defining features of CURES TOKEN

  • App store (HAPP store): The health app store on Cures offers apps which are aimed at improving the general quality of life. Also, developers will enjoy the benefit of listing their apps on the store for free.
  • Electronic health records: Cures offers patients absolute control of their data. This will go a long way in reducing unnecessary visitations to the healthcare centre. Patients will also be able to monetize their data by selling access to other medical institutions.
  • Health assurance platform: There is the introduction of a future smart contracts innovation that can be tailored according to the specific needs of the user. The platform will enable patients and medical service providers to buy and sell the contracts as a means of adequately utilizing scarce resources
  • Marketplace and trust review platform: The efficient review system on Cures will enable patients to browse through medical professionals all over the world in order to select the one that best suits their needs.
  • Trading platform: Provision is made for Medical Equipment Suppliers (MES) to sell directly to patients or wholesale to healthcare centres, in the process, cutting off long supply chains.
  • Charitable trust fund: Cure has developed a separate legal entity which will be funded with 5% of the total token supply and voluntary contributions from users. The fund generated will be used to improve healthcare in largely deprived regions.

Tokenomics of CURESTOKEN

The token that will be used locally for purchase of services within the CUREStoken ecosystem has a ticker “CURES". CURES has a total supply of 500 million and 175 million has been put up for sale. Token sale of CURES is at the public sale phase and the good news is that the token sale has successfully reached softcap.


Ignoring the numerous benefits of CUREStoken will mean one is turning a bind eye to the dilapidated state of our healthcare system. I am of the opinion that CUREStoken couldn't have come into the picture fast quick enough.

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