First of all, I will like to enlighten us on what AWC is exactly. AWC is a utility token that serves as fuel for extra features, rewards, bounty program and other partnership privileges. You can earn AWC as well as you can buy the token on the trading platform. Atomic Wallet released its underlying ERC20 token, called Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC).

The team of Atomic Wallet cherishes what its large and friendly community contributes to the project; the underlying ERC20 token, called Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) was released that you can trade your AWC on IDEX which happens to be one of the largest decentralized exchanges. Let's do it.


Go to the, click on the Unlock wallet and import your private key to have access to your funds, or click on the New wallet button and create the new Ethereum address to account on IDEX.

Create a strongly encrypted password to generate the wallet, download a keystore file and get your private key. Remember that the keystore file cannot be restored, so save it in a secure and secret place.

Click on the Return to exchange button and now needs to top up the wallet. Copy your public key and top up your IDEX wallet with Ethereum, by sending ETH from your wallet to it. Once ETH is received on your wallet, you can deposit it on IDEX to start trading.

Click on the Deposit button, set an amount and gas price.

Click Deposit and Confirm.

Wait until your deposit is finished, and now you can go to the trading desk, choose the Limit or Market order, set the amount and click Buy.

In your Full Balance List, you will see the amount of AWC you’ve just bought. If you wish, you can withdraw this amount to your AWC wallet address on Atomic. You can see how simple it is to trade AWC on IDEX!

Please take note that; Atomic is not gonna stop on IDEX, as it is also currently trading on EtherDelta and the team is trying their best to get AWC token make its way to other exchanges. Atomic Wallet platform is the simplest way to connect buyers and sellers within a decentralized framework. That’s why Atomic Wallet is a completely new type of decentralized cross-blockchain exchange.


Below are some key benefits of the Atomic wallet platform to its users;

1. It is Secured: Security assurance; strong encryption and custody-free solution all together guarantees its clients the highest level of security such that users private keys are encrypted and never leave their device. Only you have control over your funds!

Atomic wallet provides higher level of security in the follow ways;

- Export funds from external wallets.

- Import private keys in different formats.

- Backup wallet with 12 word phrase.

- Store private keys in a securely encrypted environment.

- The keys are stored in an encrypted manner on the end-user device.

- Keys can be backed up with the passphrase for all the listed currencies or with a string format key for each currency.

2. Atomic Swap: Users can make use of decentralized Atomic Swap to proceed with cross-chain exchange avoiding third party risks. And for coins not yet supported by Atomic Swap, Atomic wallet has built-in ShapeShift and Changelly exchanges.

3. Multi-Currency: Atomic Wallet currently supports over 300 coins and tokens. It's the most convenient way to handle all your crypto assets. The list is updated on a daily basis and the team of Atomic wallet keeps hunting for more to be added soon!

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