Company RENOVATO is a group of traders cryptocurrency, creating a unique and advanced platform multikriptovogo exchange with innovative features for traders. After 2017, a rapid increase in the number of cryptocurrencies was observed, and a new investment channel was subsequently created, in addition to stocks and derivatives. Not only private investors and traders seek to capitalize on the emerging and ever-expanding cryptocurrency market, but there was also a wave of institutional investors, including large companies such as Microsoft and IBM, which are involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain-based projects.

At the heart of the idea that inspired us to create RENOVATO, lies the fact that, despite the incredible profits and the growing popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency, profitable trading is limited to a few. Moreover, given the complexity of existing exchange infrastructures, which often do not have advanced functions, it is extremely difficult for an average investor and trader to seize the opportunities that revolutionary blockchain technology can offer. Delving into the research, studying the markets, understanding the requirements of users and exploring technical and other problems. We embarked on the next generation cryptocurrency exchange that will not only facilitate cryptocurrency trading, but also make it more profitable for our users, because they can take advantage of advanced features such as dedicated portfolio management, tracking profitable traders

Reconsidering the idea of traditional cryptocurrency exchange, the RENOVATO model is ahead of its time. While traditional cryptocurrency exchanges offer limited functionality, often limited by exchange, trading and transfer of cryptocurrencies, RENOVATOoffers much more than just simplifying basic trading and exchanging. Our next-generation, innovative multi-platform platform offers an enhanced transaction tracking feature that allows users to track the trading routes of their favorite traders on one platform. Moreover, for investors, the exchange will have an enhanced AI-based match function, which allows them to find the best opportunities depending on their specific requirements and portfolio size. Along with proven proprietary trading algorithms for trading forex and cryptocurrency.

RENOVATO users will also have access to a unique portfolio management tool that allows them to manage and track multiple shared investments directly from their laptop, PC or smartphone. In addition, the RENOVATOExchange is open to all platforms, and users can register from all over the world regardless of their geographic location. In addition, the platform will allow the transfer of new coins, including blockchain-based projects, to launch their tokens, however we have a strict listing policy for coins, which includes an extensive verification and due diligence process to create reliable and fraud-free investments.

While traditional cryptocurrency exchanges offer trade and exchange of multiple cryptocurrencies, it is time to take a step forward to the very concept of cryptocurrency exchange. If we want to imagine the future of cryptocurrency exchanges, we need to focus on creating a unique value proposition for users who essentially lack the majority of modern exchange infrastructures. This is where the exchange RENOVATOfills this gap, not only eliminating problems faced by stakeholders through traders, investors and blockchain-based projects seeking liquidity through the ICO, but also offering innovative features — most importantly, bringing them all together in one place and minimal cost. Including forex and cryptocurrency CFDs that you cannot hack. Estimated access to API levels for first-tier liquidity providers connects more than 50 leading exchanges with hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

[18 February, 2019 - 31 March, 2019]




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