Cryptographic money is a computerized resource designed to be used in checking money exchange, controlling the production of additional services, and checking the exchange of benefits.

There are many types of cryptographic money. Despite all the possibilities, all computerized money supported a decentralized distributed system called a blockchain. The blockchain innovation ensures that all cryptographic forms of money are tracked, in any case, if they are stored in a computerized wallet or used for exchange.

Crypto Exchange is basically a trade in digital forms of money. You can also buy and transfer money in US dollars and euros. This is one way. Digital money is an advanced resource designed to be used as a trading mechanism.

RENOVATO is a group of cryptocurrency traders, creating a unique and advanced multi-exchange platform with innovative opportunities for traders. After 2017, a rapid increase in the number of cryptocurrencies was observed, and a new investment channel was subsequently created, in addition to stocks and derivatives.

RENOVATO is an advanced platform for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies based on the blockchain. Over time, the crypto-trading platform faced a number of problems, which resulted in problems from crypto-traders. blockchain to send your tokens. This is all after he passed serious tests for well-being and safety. Unlike conventional cryptocurrencies, Renovato is doing everything possible to get rid of the difficulties faced by partners through dealers, financial experts and businesses that are looking for liquidity through ICO, but get the most exciting moments.

Exchange RENOVATO is designed not only for a cryptocurrency platform, but also for all traders. FOREX, which makes RENOVATO a better and unique cryptocurrency platform. Cryptocurrency trading with FOREX, so I gave the command to this great project.

The advantages of this exchange

Efficiently exchange cryptocurrency, forex, spot metals, spot indices, spot products, futures and stocks with Renovato.

Convert Crypto to Fiat and Fiat to Crypto immediately when using the Renovato administrations for an unsurpassed deal. Trade on Forex with Renovato and use up to 100: 1 leverage on well-known sets and 5: 1 for Crypto.

The next generation platform will allow you to trade and use all services around the world.

Access to the most modern stock exchanges. the device and the main points that make cryptocurrency exchange less complicated and productive.

Road map

August 2018

Platform Update

Once it turned out that there is a shortage of leading stock exchanges, support and customer service.

October 2018

Technical and strategic development In-depth study of the cryptocurrency market and the search for suitable partners to make RENOVATO a world-class exchange.

DEC 2018

Company Formation

Renovato LLC was registered and registered in the state of Delaware as of December 31, 2018.

Feb 2019

Creation of an Estonian crypto company

Division "Estonia" (registration code 14661886). Applications for currency exchange virtual currency and virtual currency FIAT in Europe.

Feb 2019

Pre-sale tokens

Sales of RENOVATO STO tokens will begin on February 25, 2019, and the main public sales will begin on March 15, 2019. Full website launch and marketing efforts are ongoing.

MAR 2019

Home sale tokens and launch platform

Sale of tokens occurs within 9 weeks or when hardcap is reached. Renovato Trading OÜ provided by Estonian Crypto licesnes for full operation. Tokens are distributed at the end of the sale of the main current.

April 2019 Tokens sale completed We are ready to launch on our own stock exchange and in the opening for publication. Service stations and ICO tokens are distributed among our owners. The first monthly trade contest and main prizes will be announced.

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