We all have something to do with the internet daily due to the fact the internet now connect virtually everything that has something to do with our everyday lives from work to social life on facebook and instagram. Even activities at our leisure time such seeing a movie and watching a football game has relationship to the internet. The problem here is the fact that the internet atmosphere is not safe, our private data are getting hacked and used by third parties. Honeypod aim to help us put and end to it through its got to the palm innovative blockchain backed device. Consider Honeypod as a DNS server. Normally, when you have to connect with the internet and such user compose an inquiry type at the Google search box by doing this the user is creating approval to interface with a DNS server. This approval is permitted by DNS and you approach the Internet. Besides, every so often a webpage other than your interest to connect with your internet orchestrate. When you surf the Internet, you can remember the goals that opened out of the blue. These districts that are outside of your choice can exchange outcast applications to your program, and on occasion track your program history and diverse exercises. When you enter a site already, your assents are controlled and blocked by Honeypod. Presently envision you have a direct in your grip Honeypod, which interface your association with the internet. Any information that starts from above and does not know whether it is hazardous is used this procedure. Honeypod just empowers you to channel information that is advantageous for you. Some other conceivably destructive information outwardly of the strainer is kept there. You can seek after what information the site is attempting to experience the information checking screen that is offered later by Honeypod.

In as much as the internet has been of incredible advantages to users around the globe, a few variables have as of late developed preventing the productivity of internet utilization, for example,

obstructions by undesirable promotions: as of late, advertisement engineers have made the utilization of internet to dishearten by powerfully sending promotions wherever on the internet, a user who downloads a required App , will understand that promotions spring up each time the person in question opens the App. this is the thing that Honeypod has been intended to square.

Tracking form website: while at the same time utilizing the internet in your device, different interlopers can track, screen and follow whatever a user is doing, by and large touchy information are stolen simultaneously. Honeypod has been made to stop this.

Hackers fraudulent activities: this has been the ongoing pattern, digital hackers assaulting locales and servers of banks to take user's assets without the user's learning, this is on the grounds that the digital hacker can track and utilize malware to crush any security and enter such server. In any case, on account of Honeypod group who has structured a platform that will permit total privacy for internet users and their devices.

Honeypod moderate down your internet compose, make it progressively secure and ensure that you have full oversight. You can use Honeypod for your PC, yet notwithstanding your PC, tablet, smartphone. Honeypod is completely consolidated with OpenVPN and DNSCrypt by the Honeypod dashboard. This is a solid feature to empower security. Likewise, Honeypod dashboard gives the user full control and discernment chance to the user.

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