Dear reader, how are you today ?? reading is pleasing something and of absolutely course adds to our knowledge, so In this good chance ,let me to introduce the new project of cryptocurrency world, which certainly is very has a good prospects in the future. And the name of this project are CNBT project.

Since the 2018 year and almost all people has heard the Bitcoin word of Blockchain or cryptocurrency, but how many people are using this Blockchain technology to buildings solutions for business or personal use? Only a handful of people that use the real power of the blockchain solutions to build payment solutions or to deploy the Dapp for the purposes of developing their further of business.


CBNT is a platform was created as a gathering place for decentralized content makers and distributors in a professional manner. CBNT tokens can only be accepted if a user is able to complete the Kyc process. And get a bonus up to 100% will be shared with token holders.

CBNT is a foundation established in Singapore CBNT community managed by GRANDDREAM FOUNDATION LTD, which is a non-profit organization, with the aim of realizing independent community operations, by taking decisions and sharing through departments to solve them. And realize appropriate performance based on the Ethereum system. CBNT is formed based on the existence of social media that we use at the moment and is not comparable with the benefits obtained by social networking makers like a Facebook. They get profits of around 40 billion USD per year from advertising alone. Try to imagine please, so much of the benefits gained by this social network. Do you think that we don't get a profit from the social network. While we often spread content from the homepage. and the benefits is are so large will go into the personal pocket of the shareholders.


All right, then I will explain about the method / process to get this CBNT token. At CBNT it is very easy to carry out the mining process. That is, only with your articles posting , sharing, leaving comments, and liking behavior etc on the CBNT platform will all be considered mining. What do you think ? So easy, we are mining at this CBNT. So don't hesitate to join together quickly, in this community of professional content lovers. The KYC process is necessary for tokens withdrawal , users cannot withdraw if they do not complete verification identity first. Transactions depend on the blockchain network, so please wait patiently. Completing the Kyc process is very necessary in the CBNT token withdrawal process. Why is that ? Because if you don't complete this process, the token that you get will be held / can't be pulled automatically. And valid until you complete the KYC process first, then your token can be withdrawal to your account.

•Rules for receiving tokens: And when a user enters the CBNT dApp, the CBNT token will be distributed to their account every day for a year but on condition that they must register themselves in the CBNT dApp. But if they have not registered yet, then the tokens will be collected first, then they will be issued when they have registered. So in essence a how important it is for you to have a CBNT dApp, as a means for you to receive a CBNT token. Get the application in the Google Play store that you can download.

~The strength of CB for mining.

•For each user has the right to get the opportunity to do mining. And the size of mining amount received, depending on how many CB will be received. And The CB is the produced number of votes and this will amount affect a points number that will be accepted later.

•100 points are highest amount of CB power provided by CBNT. And the calculation is 10 points provided for each sound produced. So later the vote count is calculated using constant multiplication based on the calculation of a single variable.

•For CB holders who are less than 10 points, the user cannot participate in mining. Because the points are not enough to absorb power from the CB itself. But the user can still participate in the campaign and vote. Until at one point, it was enough to have 10 points and participate in the mining program.


~Token Detail

Total supply: 10,000,000,000

Token type: Utility token

Token Name: CBNT token

Mining Association: 60%

For Foundation: 20%

Founder Team: 10%

Private Investor Institution: 5% Operational Organization: 5%

For more information about CBNT, please visit the official CBNT website at www.cbnt.io

~Feature of CBNT.

•Verification Identity.

Please register on the CBNT website first to be able to carry out this mining process. From the website that lists, you will automatically enter via e-mail / cellphone number. After that there is an email confirmation that you have to click, as a sign that this email is yours. Then after that, you can complete the verification process which includes data, passport identity that you must fill correctly and accurately.


You will get this program if you have already registered on the CBNT website, then after you register on the website you will automatically receive a referral link. You can use this link to invite other people to register on the CBNT website. And after your friend successfully registers, also successfully verifies you will get a bonus from this referral program. Likewise for the rest.

•Tokens Detention.

After you get the CBNT token, you can participate in the token detention program. This program only applies to holders of tokens. The more tokens you have, the more you will receive a CBNT token later. 10% of tokens will be distributed to CBNT token holders. If you have 1000 CBNT tokens, you will receive 100 CBNT tokens as a bonus later.


CBNT token holders can participate in mining through comments, sharing, and liking posts. 45% of mining tokens will be distributed to this voting behavior. In addition to the Retaining Token program, there are also programs held by CBNT to provide appreciation to CBNT tokens holders. i.e. through a voting program, where CBNT tokens holders will receive an additional bonus of up to 45% of the number of tokens they hold, namely mining through comments, sharing and liking posts. Only by doing this will you get the CBNT token bonus as planned by the CBNT project.

•Articles Post .

There is also a mining bonus that is also interesting for us to get, namely the article posting program. This program aims to give users the freedom of appreciation, especially for CBNT token holders to write quality articles for the purpose of building this project. 45% of tokens will be distributed to CBNT tokens holders who have written articles and of course for writers who have met the criteria of good writing.



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