Dcore - Blockchain You Can Build on 

What is Dcore 

DCore, a platform that empowers users to create or migrate applications into a blockchain environment. A transformation tool to help the developer, business and industries into a decentralized world. This protocol continuously developed by DECENT, one of the first blockchain company founded in 2015. 

Dcore cutting edge solution tailored to the specific business need and the world problem. A secure and efficient data transaction mostly can be completed within five seconds. These are several productive use cases:

  • Distributed content distribution
  • Publishing multi-authored content with revenue sharing
  • Digital event tickets
  • Crowdfunding and micro-investment to raise capital
  • Transfer and auditing or tracking data
  • Microtransactions and digital payments
  • VOD distribution platform
  • Advertising with viewer rewards and deep analytics

A live detailed transaction and assets statistics is open to anyone through Dcore Explorer. Learn the technical description for detailed fundamental, characteristic and algorithm of Dcore.

How to setup Dcore 

Download official binary from the list below:





  • DCore distribution files (deb and rpm) require libpbc package to be installed. It can be downloaded from assets in PBC project.
  • Daemon binary files are designed for server installations for miners and seeders, while GUI binary files are dedicated to serve the needs of general users.

Dcore Setup Instruction

Windows Setup

1. Download the official windows binary and click "save."

2. Find the installation file and double click to start Dcore setup.

3. Click "Next" 

4. Click on "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" to continue.

5. Click "Next" to use the default installation folder or "Change" to choose another

6. Click "Install" to begin the Dcore installation.

7. Click "Finish" 

MacOS Setup Instruction

Linux Setup Instruction

Starting Dcore 

1. Open Dcore installation folder. Double click on "DECENT.exe"

2. Click "Download and Install" for the latest Dcore update. Reopen "DECENT.exe," and wait until the blockchain synchronization process complete. Meanwhile, proceed to next step.

3. Go to Decent web wallet to create a new account. Click "Create New Wallet." Make sure to visit the correct address below:



4. Solve the captcha. Click square box next to "I'm not a robot."

5. Choose your account name and click "Confirm."

6. Save the Brain Key and save it somewhere safe. Click "Continue."

7. Choose the correct word from the pull-down menu.  Click "Verify."

8. Save the private key, click "Show." Save the Wallet File, click "Export Wallet File." 

9. Enter and repeat the password for the wallet file. Click "Export" and save it.

10. The wallet account had successfully created.

11. Head back to the synchronized Dcore wallet. Create a new password and reenter it. Click "Create Password."

12. Import the Dcore account. Enter the account name and private key. Click "Ok."

13. The account had successfully imported, and The Dcore Dapp is ready to utilize.

Dcore Feature

Dcore was designed especially for the media and entertainment industries. Beyond, it is a comprehensive, scalable problem solver platform. It is providing an unlimited possibility for anyone to gain benefits of the blockchain implementation. Below are several of Dcore feature :

  • Custom Tokens
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Large File Support
  • Timestamped Messages
  • Decentralized Publishing
  • Rating System
  • Instant Transactions
  • Combining Features

To use or interact with Dcore elements, a user will need DCT to fuel transactions, and it also funds the witnesses that keep DCore running. The user can trade for DCT on exchanges. Miners and seeders also receive DCT as a reward for their services. The easiest way to earn DCT is to sell contents.

The content publishing process will only take a few simple steps:

1. In the Dcore Dapp, Click on "Item Published," Click on "Publish"

2. Enter the content title, description, expiration date. Click "Select Seeders" and choose the seeders. Enter the content price. Click "Browse:" to select the content, optionally choose the content sample. Click Publish. Done!


Building a solution on top Dcore doesn't require specialized development knowledge. The developer can achieve their goal in less time and risk. Meanwhile, anyone can learn how to implement the code from Dcore documentation.

Two SDKs toolkits for easy implementation:

Low-Level SDK

dcorejs-lib - Can be used to construct, sign and broadcast transactions in JavaScript, and to obtain data from the blockchain via public APIs quickly. The workflow is more difficult than in the case of dcorejs, but it is more convenient to modify, reuse and implement your solutions.

High-Level SDK

dcorejs - Javascript library to work with Dcore blockchain network. The work with this SDK is much easier than with dcorejs-lib, but it's only to gain more availability to modify the code, it is better to use the latter (low-level SDK).

The SDKs is open source.

Dcore is a proven blockchain solution and ready for the next decentralization challenge. 

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