About Catex

Cryptocurrency Trading platforms also recognized as Exchanges are online structures where you can trade one cryptocurrency for some other cryptocurrency or every so often for Fiat currency. A cryptocurrency change is a third-party platform from which one can buy or trade Cryptocurrencies. A Cryptocurrency can genuinely be exchanged for Fiat or one-of-a-kind Cryptocurrencies on an exchange. There are types of Cryptocurrency exchange relying on the type of services they give. They can be trading platforms, peer-to-peer exchanges or brokers. In figuring out an exchange, factors such as security, speed, fees, the technique of buying, ease of use, tremendous client service, etc. want to be analyzed.

In my opinion, the cryptocurrency market now is in the stage of "volatile growth", which began in late 2016 and most probably will continue in medium perspective. Sharp charge fluctuations and correction are the natural states for this stage of development.

I trust that cryptocurrency market is now not an accidental phenomenon and it is primarily based on fundamental factors, which is established via the eight-year history of improvement which began in 2009 when Bitcoin - the cryptocurrency which trades the typical means of charge and digital transactions – has appeared.

Over the remaining 8 years, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies only with the aid of the fact of their existence and growing distribution refuted many terrible forecasts, opinions, and assessments. They debunked some of the myths about their insolvency, the lack of possibilities and the impossibility of altering world financial relations.

Over the cited duration of time, many alternative cryptocurrencies appeared. Many of them are embodying definitely distinct ideas and essentially new ideas of monetary ties. There is a gradual legit legitimization of the legal fame for cryptocurrencies and the integration of digital transaction factors into the regular monetary systems.

Nowadays, exchange tokens are not a novelty. Over a year ago, Binance came out with BNB, its own ERC-20 token, which can be used to vote for new listings and receive discounts when paying trading fees. Consequently, many other exchanges embraced this idea, which proved to benefit all stakeholders.

As new crypto exchanges crowd the playfield, most are trying to set themselves apart from their peers. And here we have Catex, with its feature of the “transaction fee mining” model, promising 105% transaction fees reimbursement for traders in the form of Catex’s CATT token.

What Exactly Is Transaction Fee Mining?

Before getting into details on the Catex, it is crucial to learn more about Transaction Fee Mining.

With a conventional cryptocurrency exchange, a maker and taker fee is levied on each side of the trade. The taker’s fee is typically higher, averaging 0.5-0.75%, while the maker (the person selling the asset, and thus providing liquidity) might pay closer to 0.25%. Ordinarily, this fee is deducted at the point of the trade being executed. It’s normally collected by the exchange in the form of ETH or BTC, or BNB if trading on Binance. Transaction fee mining exchanges take a markedly different approach.

Transaction fees are the primary way by which exchanges make their money. Trans-fee mining exchanges flip that model by handing all of the fees back to traders in the form of a native token. In fact, during promotional periods – typically when launching the exchange – these platforms might even offer a rebate of greater than 100%. In other words, traders are technically profiting, in the form of native tokens, for each trade they made. It sounds too good to be true, and like all things that fall under this banner, it is. But first, let’s consider the upside to trans-fee mining.

Catex: A mining solution cryptocurrency exchange

The China-based Catex exchange was established in 2018. Catex is a transaction mining exchange platform. It provides the users with the ability to trade (buy/sell) cryptocurrencies between them using the available market pairs. The platform offers a hybrid solution where it is possible to perform crypto transactions and mine the platform tokens (CATT) at the same time, which will be used to return the transaction fees to the users.

Catex aims to provide solution to the existing cryptocurrency mining problem. Today’s estimates suggest that mining operations are now consuming as much or more electricity than the entire nation of Denmark. While it’s not enough energy consumption to cause a global catastrophe, it is quickly becoming a serious problem.

Catex has embarked upon a rather promising solution, called Trade Mining a.k.a Transaction Fee Mining. It established to reward active users for trading on selected markets with their Ethereum-based purposeful token, CATT. Catex will handing all of the fees back to traders in the form of CATT native token. The market makers get the CATT in direct proportion to their traded volume on a daily basis.

The purpose of Catex's native tokens


Catex offers 80% of its day by day commission to holders of CATT native token. This is uncommon component that can be seen in different trades, as in, holders of the task's token is are being remunerated for holding their token. This constantly will go far expanding the cost of the token, and keeps it from dumps.


Catex Exchange has a buyback account to support CATT price. The buyback account is fed by dividen pool and voting.


Catex Loyalty program is aimed at rewarding users simply for trading on the exchange. To become a member of the Loyalty Program user must have at least 1 daily trade and CATT balance. The loyalty payments share will be proportionally distributed to all CATT token holders every day.


Catex has a voting system. It cost only 10 CATT, and the first 2 voted coin are listed weekly.

Trade Mining on Catex exchange

To put it briefly, when trading on selected markets, market makers get the platform’s native tokens CATT in direct proportion to their traded volume on a daily basis. In other words, through trade mining on Catex, active users get to turn the expenses, associated with trading activities, into cost-cutting, gainful opportunities.

Every day the exchange issues CATT native to distribute among users, trading on selected crypto markets. Catex tokens are being rewarded in direct proportion with the daily trading volume of each trade mining participant every 24 hours at 00:00 UTC.

The CATT amount can be mine per user per hour will be determined by the amount of CATT holding. The formula is: (CATT Holding) * (Mining ratio) , where the Mining ratio is dynamically adjusted by the platform everyday, for example todays ratio is 0.1, and the user holding 10000CATT, then The amount of he can mine per hour is 10000 * 0.1 = 1000 CATT. In order, to enjoy daily dividends the min CATT holdings is 200. Dividends are calculated once a day and arrive the next day.

About The CATT Token

CATT is the native token of Catex exchange, CATT is developed on the Ethereum Blockchain based ERC20 standards. Traders and users who Hold CATT tokens will get a lot of advantages such as; Holders will obtain 80% dividends daily for Holding CATT Tokens. Users will Also use CATT Tokens for voting in the course of new coin listing.

Catt Token Details

  • Token Symbol: CATT
  • Total Supply: Total Supply: 1,975,516,624.999999999999999999 CATT
  • Contract Address: 0x6e605c269e0c92e70beeb85486f1fc550f9380bd
  • Decimals: 18

The Catex Exchange has been listed with Coinmarketcap

Here the volume hasn't been seen and is still in process but Catex has been trying to enter CMC, this means that Catex will continue to grow and become the most regular exchange of ranks to compete with other exchanges.

CATT / BTC (Catex)

Today CTT/ BTC has increased by 12%. It shows that CTT will continue to rise, so you immediately buy CTT before the price rises.


Conclusively, Catex is the first truly community-managed exchange platform developed by professionals with the sole aim of providing traders with the best trading experience any Cryptocurrency exchange could offer. Thus creating a world-class crypto exchange.

Note: Security platform: 2-factor authentication (2FA) is used to enter accounts, trade, and withdraw funds. At present, the platform is active, registration on an open platform. The trade function is activated in August. At the same time, there is an additional bonus of 10% for mining since mid-August CATT tokens have been sold directly.

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