Hello everyone, before I review more about this one project, allow me to tell a little about the world of cryptocurrency travel to date. along with the increasing public knowledge about the world of cryptocurrency and knowing the importance of investing, was born a new projects and came to meet the needs of community. Because the project is a platform that allows cryptocurrency digital currencies to be used for daily transactions. So I introduce the new project, which is called African Coin Exchange.

Since Cryptocurrency came to the existence of in 2009 until today. Since it has been very volatile in nature. Have a lot of people who have started to know and understand about the invested need. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized, anonymous and electronically. The world crypto lovers very happy to be know's and assume that's a right way to investment in the future .. even they called as money in the future.


The African Coin Exchange is an exchange platform that wants a change in decentralized blockchain into a centralized exchange operation. This is inseparable from the culture and background of African countries, which changed a bitcoin way and other cryptocurrency are treated throughout in Africa. African Coin Exchange is a blockhain-based technology exchange platform. The African Coin Exchange was designed and built to access provide to a new entrants to market and experienced traders to trade effectively more, easily with customized costs.


-Create your account in couple minute. and Only by registering yourself on the website, you will receive an email confirmation first. Then through the e-mail that will be sent automatically, you can immediately click and verify the e-mail, to indicate that this e-mail is really your mine. After all over you can directly log into Platform ACE. But before you want to do the selling and buying process,please fill out kyc using your self-identity correctly. After everything is done, you can directly do selling bought process on Platform ACE it is safe, quickly and transparent.

This are The following steps for you to be able join in ACE Platform :

1.Create your account within minutes

2.Profile,Complete profile and unlock buy / sell limits

3.Start trading,Start to buy and sell



ACE provides many benefits to all users, especially for the community of users of this platform. that is, with the existence of programs that are often held such as the existence of an ongoing bounty program like today. obviously this will provide additional income for the users / communities who are members of this platform. other than that with the existence of a referral program, it will also provide additional income to users if they are able to invite other people to be able to join under our reference.


with the sophisticated security systems owned by ACE, it is clear that this will eliminate concerns for investors who intend to invest in this platform. and also with the low costs incurred when transacting, it will give freedom to investors to make transactions quickly, safely, and the low costs incurred when transacting. investors will be very brave to invest in this platform ... why is that? because with the amount of volume issued when dealing with famous coin coins such as ethereum or btc, investors will easily find out about the investment they want.


-Trading. A fast and measurable designed trading engine that real-time order execution provides. Assisted by using an advanced technology system ACE is an exchange platform that's great importance to security attaches, and speed when transacting. Because it uses scalable highly technology and ensures rapid execution and is assisted by using multiple layers of the through highest security protection. ACE also serves trading in real time, whenever and wherever you are can be free and new gain experience in the world of cryptocurrency trading. -Money of Transfer . Through 2FA Authentication each user is free to make transactions on the ACE Platform. Because this 2FA aims to be used as an AFCE security system that will be able to verify and validate every transaction activity that may be at high risk by users. So through this 2FA will be very safe when done.


Liquidity is the ability of a person or company to fulfill obligations or debts that must immediately be paid for with smooth assets. So in this case, it is clear that with the execution of the order. fast and high volume, the AFCE Platform will be able to fulfill its dependents to immediately give all rights that have become the rights of a user. Because there are many users who make exchange transactions on the AFCE Platform.


By going through the Kyc process first after that, then you enable Two-Factor Authentication and Google Authenticator that you can install on your mobile device by downloading from the applicable APP store. This Google Authenticator is connected to the system from ACE itself. So every time you log in to the ACE Platform, Google Otenticator will issue a secret code. And only the original owner of Google Authentic will know the code. This is all to know that you are indeed the owner of this ACE Platform account.

-Referral program The referral program aims to be shared with other users through your social media so that other people want to register themselves through your link. Then you will mathematically get a bounus from the person referred to this. And the size of the amount of bonus you get depends on how much capital is spent by the person that your refer.

-Margin trading

Margin trading is a term used in the financial world to indicate a guarantee that must be placed by the holder of a position (selling or buying) in securities trading, options, or futures contracts to protect a credit risk of counterparties. where in this case ACE will play an important role in managing your assets. By providing automatic fund loans with leverage of 1: 2 and 1: 3. Leverage aims to use assets and (sources of funds) by companies that have (fixed costs) in order to increase a potential profit of shareholders.

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