Blockchain technology ever since its invention has experienced skepticism and speculative adoption. However, in recent years, especially since 2017, blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market has experienced an increased amount of adoption in various fields ranging from security to education and finance. However, blockchain transactions are still greatly limited due to the popular ‘blockchain trilema’ of speed, security, and scalability.

Numerous blockchain architectures have been developed since the first blockchain was invented in 2009, however, these architecture have traded off one or more of these important factors for an improvement in another. The cryptocurrency market boom is a testament to the limitations of current blockchain architectures with networks clogging, resulting in exorbitant transaction fees and painfully slow transactions. It is pertinent for mainstream adoption that a more scalable, secure and fast blockchain architecture which is enterprise-ready, facilitates the tokenization of assets and solves the blockchain trilemma is a necessity.


DigitalBits is a blockchain architecture which solves the existing limitations of existing blockchain architectures. DigitalBits is a protocol layer Blockchain which has been designed to facilitate mass market liquidity of digital assets while supporting the integration with existing applications. This greatly increases the usability of blockchain architecture, greatly facilitating its mass adoption. DigitalBits has numerous features some of which include:

A DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE: DigitalBits features a native decentralized exchange which facilitates the liquidity of tokens issued on the blockchain architecture. Unlike most popular blockchains where issued tokens still need to be listed on external exchanges which charge high listing fees, tokens issued on DigitalBits can easily be listed and traded, creating a ready market for new digital assets.

COMPLIANCE: With the ever increasing number of fraudulent practices within the cryptocurrency markets like exit scams and fraudulent token generation, DigitalBits is committed to making the blockchain-space a secure community, hence, its compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) acts and know your customer (KYC).

HIGHLY SCALABLE: DigitalBits boasts of over 10 000 transactions per second (TPS). This ensures that transactions can easily be processed without network clogging.

MULTI-ASSET SUPPORT: DigitalBits support various assets types both physical and digital, ensuring that the process of asset tokenization is seamless and efficient.

COMMUNITY INCENTIVES: DigitalBits incentivizes the community for engaging in activities that promote the protocol.

DigitalBits unlike most blockchain protocols conducting a crowdsale exercise is fully operational with live mainnet.


DigitalBits has been developed by Al Burgio, the founder of DigitalBits, with a team of individuals led by a passion for excellence that have a wealth of experience both within the blockchain space and business enterprise. The team has realized that for blockchain technology to experience mass adoption, a more enterprise-friendly protocol has to be developed.

DigitalBits has also secured funding from numerous individuals, an indication of the confidence in the viability of DigitalBits and its inherent potential.


DigitalBits by developing a unique solution to the blockchain trilemma is pioneering new frontiers in blockchain technology, facilitating its mass adoption and onboarding tech aficionados and individuals that have been skeptical of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market. 

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