When one mentions the word crypto or cryptocurrency to the “digital conscious” persons, the mind becomes agitated and eager to know the news or story that will come after concerning the world of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is really an agent of freedom from the slavish and greedy grip of the fiat monetary system. Before the advent of crypto, transactions involving payment of some sort of fees are done in paper currency and facilitated by third party institutions. Making fiat payments through these third party guys can cause some form of inconveniences and even possibly some security threats to the owner of the cash. These third party guys facilitating fiat payments charge heavy and hidden transaction fees to their clients hence one spends more than the amount of payment to be paid. Crypto payments removes the greedy activities of these middlemen that characterize fiat based payment systems, when making payments with crypto, it is done on a peer-to-peer basis hence no more sourcing for a third party with their associated charges to help facilitate the payment. DigitalBits is a blockchain protocol which allows subscribers or users or business outfits to create and issue its native or custom tokens to their clients as a form of reward to encourage more customer activities on their platform. These tokens issued on the DigitalBits blockchain network is equally associated with high liquidity value. It's very unfair and discouraging for one to hold a blockchain token asset but finds it difficult to utilize the token to gain value for other things or utilize the token for transactional and exchange purposes. DigitalBits through offering its token holders high liquidity access on the platform in which it was issued helps to drive the massive appeal in the use of cryptocurrency to the larger public out there. By the time a business venture who issues DigitalBits based token to its clients as reward alongside with the high liquidity access of DigitalBits token, more business traffic will be driven to such business venture as more people would want to be holders of high liquidity DigitaBits based tokens, this will significantly increase the user indices of cryptocurrency and equally will drive massive acceptance of cryptos by the populace.