For a very long time now, the financial world in particular and almost all other spheres of human endeavour has been caught up in the tidal wave of a revolutionary project known as the Blockchain Technology. This blockchain technology have birthed and seen the development of the cryptocurrency and this cryptocurrency has made transactions between individuals and businesses very easy and seamless, devoid of debilitating third parties. Despite the advantageous dispositions of crypto payment, the increase in wide adoption of crypto for making payments moves at a sluggish and very slow pace, to enjoy the benefits of crypto will not come into fruition if its wide acceptance for making payments still remains in great doubt. To drive an increase in the rate of Crypto acceptance and adoption in the mainstream, a unique project called the DIGITALBITS was developed. What Is Digitalbits All About? The slow transaction processing capability of most blockchain networks is really an albatross to the further exploits and applications of the blockchain technology, however the case with DigitalBits is very much different because of its capacity to handle 10000 transactions per second with an average transaction verification time of 2.5 seconds. XDB token: This represents the native token of the DigitalBits blockchain, it is used as a protective measure in ensuring that only serious and genuine users operate on the DigitalBits network, for instance for one to transfer token to another account, the sender must have a a certain minimum amount of XDM token before he could be able to transfer the token. This token is equally employed in making fast payments and for rendering remittances too on the DigitalBits network.