Do you believe in blockchain innovation and its decentralized currency or you are planning to embrace the development, this content is for you and please go over it consistently for your advantage. 

We can't discuss digital assets without discussing an exchange (a marketplace for trading of crypto). Despite the fact that there are numerous cryptocurrency exchange on the planet today, yet there are criteria we consider before picking a particular exchange we wish to trade our assets on. Today, I have discovered an exchange called OOOBTC that pass all of the criteria a decent exchange should have and it will be something worth being thankful for me to share it. 


Security: The OOOBTC exchange accept security as a top need, they have all highlights to ensure clients fund and protect every one of the operations on the exchange so as to guide against bad actors con artist, hacker and internet aggressor never to accomplish their infiltration for client. 

Interface: The exchange has easy-to-use interface for the clients and it is easy to understand. Everybody can utilize the exchange and effectively open with even on their smartphone. 

Trading Fees: This another point you have to investigate before picking an exchange. OOOBTC as a very lower trading and exchange charges. The OOOBTC trading expenses is far lower than its counterparts; it was intended to charge just 0.15% as exchange expense for the two bidders and venders while that of withdrawal charges is 0.50%; and I should disclose to you it is the most reduced over the globe. 

Volume & Liquidity: Volume & liquidity is significant in an exchange in light of the fact that without volume, traders will be baffled with cost. OOOBTC has a generally excellent volume & liquidity for various token listed on the platform and allows traders to make a sensible increase of their decision. 

Trading Pairs: OOOBTC exchange has recorded numerous cryptocurrencies matching bitcoin, ethereum and some numerous others. The vast majority of the top cryptocurrency on coinmarketcap are listed on this exchange. 

OOOBTC is a crypto exchange for trading various types of digital assets. OOOBTC isn't much the same as other exchange since it have every one of the highlights a standyand top exchange should have and it has been tipped as the most encouraging exchange for the present. OOOBTC exchange was worked by an encounter team that officially considered the difficulties confronting the most exchange and concocted highlights that quell every one of the difficulties. 


OOOBTC token will be the platform token that will drive all the business operations within the platform. It is an ERC20 utility token on Ethereum blockchain and it can transferable from one wallet to another. There is no ICO for the project or any form of public sales but it is already trading on the platform exchange and many other exchange platform out there. The total supply of the OOOBTC native token is 3 billion (3 000 000 000) and no other token can be created.


Quit scanning for exchange to trade your cryptocurrencies, OOOBTC is only the appropriate response. Start utilizing the exchange that will gives all of you your trading want and am revealing to you that there will be bliss utilizing this exchange. Just the trading expenses alone is sufficient for all of you to embrace the OOOBTC cryptocurrency exchange.






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