Let we discuss, What are the difficulties that recruitment industries are facing and also Pulsehyip serves the solution for those blockades.

Challenges of present Recruitment system

The major flaw is based on the human element, with the third party recruitment consultant are the only value that to identify that how many applicants can be placed in the allocated job, if they potentially fill those seats with the wrong candidate then who is responsible to whom to refined these dilemmas. And in some areas, value candidates may put on hold and a commission candidate may take over to the next round.

This may happen and we may be lost the best candidates for our roles. These problems all occur when there is a lack of technology implemented in the hiring process. Once those systems take over by blockchain technology the system can be easily sustained in the ledger form and also get visible to the whole management.

How Blockchain Overcome these challenges

  • Removes the Fraudulent Activity:
  • Third Party Security:
  • Avoid Dishonesty:
  • Adds Verified Users

For these upgrade technology demands, Pulsehyip is here to serve for bizarre guided technology launch for recruiting. Our high Professional techies are here to build your job-seeking platform in the custom service. Also our developers are well versed on creating blockchain service for various industries.

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