One of the finest limitations and troubles similar with centralized online casino platform is that now not each considered one of them is obvious and trustworthy. At the cease of the day, most of online casino platform where fundamental news such as payouts, gaming results, rewards are intentionally stored clear of players. In any case, blockchain gaming platform are a absolutely new kind of online gambling club and are absolutely decentralized, without requirement for an outsider to confirm transactions and exchanges made. These encourage trust and transparency in the gambling industry which is why AIO CASINO has brought a brand new blockchain online casino platform for players around the world.

AIO Casino is a cryptocurrency online casino whose purpose is to combine all possible games in the gambling industry on one platform,, AIO want to create a platform that want to host all type of online casino games on one platform and permits gamers to become part of the casino. They are decided to do that simply due to the fact most casinos basically only offer certain games chosen by the team, and in developing countries, players must also be involved in the success of the casino.

The goal of AIO Casino is to offer a casino that not only offers games for its players, but also allows the player to be a part of the casino. A casino that not only offers a small collection of games but also develops or supports the creation of new games. This gives the player a lot of variety, which is not given in most casinos. It is easier than you think, and yet many traditional as well as current cryptocurrency casinos stick to the same games.

Why AIO Casino?

- Instant Withdrawal: You can can immediately withdraw and deposit from your account.

- fair: guarantee about transparency and security in decentralized way and Smart Contracts.

- Benefit for AIO coin holders because you can participate in the profits of the company and vote for new games. - Driven by community: growing community of crypto casino players are the greatest asset and top priority.

- The AIO team will steadily improve the platform and also develop new games, as well as improve the current ones.


The AIO coin is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum Blockchain, the purpose of this token is to receive dividends by freezing your token, voting for new game concepts also you can use for for placing bets. Below is the specification about AIO token.

Token Symbol: AIO

Token Supply: 2,900,000 AIO

Sale Supply: 2,030,000 AIO

Blockchain : ETHEREUM

Token Type: ERC20


60% Allocated to token sale

15% Allocated to Company Fund

10% Allocated to Pre-Sale

10% Allocated to Team & Advisors

5% Allocated to Marketing and Bounty Program


40% Allocated to Marketing

30% Allocated to Marketing

15% Allocated to Operational Costs

10% Allocated to Liquidity

5% Allocated to Legal

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