What is Mycro?  

Mycro is a natural interface platform intended for people groups who don't have either time or ability to play out their locally established work. For instance in the event that you need to get out your apartment yet you don't have time so you can put your work on their application that let you interface with different individuals that can support you. For people groups who are looking for occupation in their nearby spot can without much of a stretch start coordinating their activity through Mycro platform.

Why We Need Mycro Platform?

Today, on the planet rich people groups don't have enough to do work like cleaning house, fabric, greenhouse and some others. In any case, a few people groups have a lot of time to waste on recreation exercises so Mycro platform will assist clients who are happy to do part time employment to develop their life standard. A few people groups like specialist don't have an opportunity to give their family or to appreciate life so the general population who have not time will buy their time by means of this platform.

Time and Money Equalizer 

Mycro will take care of out time and money issues by making a decentralized inventive platform that will assist clients to make a harmony among time and money. For clients who don't have sufficient energy to specific kinds of work will ready to post their activity and other who need to adapt their time will discover a vocation through Mycro application. Their platform will fulfill both merchant and employment supplier through structure trust and giving right occupation to the correct individual. The activity searcher needs to just swipe the page to discover work that match with their aptitudes. 

Notoriety System

Notoriety and rating component is significant in each industry and as indicated by specialists over 60% people groups online read reviews before purchasing anything. Our present rating component is a brought together system yet in Mycro platform when occupation will be complete effectively then clients review will be put away in a smart contract. Evaluations will be connected to occupation complete client's ether address that will take care of phony rating issue.




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