Today I need to acquaint you with a fascinating, imaginative project MYCRO JOBS "Time is money," we state. Be that as it may, how regularly do we not possess enough energy for basic human delights, regardless of whether it be diversion with companions or playing with kids, travel or planting. Also, how frequently do we not have enough money for these delights? How might I consolidate time and money without overworking myself? This is the place MYCRO JOBS comes to us . MYCRO is a mobile application that is natural to utilize. Straightforward work on a momentary premise can be put legitimately in the MYCRO organize for nothing. Utilizing insightful and self-taking in algorithms known from the dating of platforms, MYCROmatches these undertakings on time with the correct jobber. The person takes every necessary step. One individual gets time, other money. 

Time associates every one of us, paying little respect to our experience or social status. Time is restricted. Time is limited. We can not return or broaden the time. In this day and age, our time is for the most part controlled remotely. Time is constrained by our work, our customers, our social commitments. Along these lines, we accept that each individual in this world has the option to control his time. Their vision is to practice this right. Thus, we will make a harmony among time and money. 

They will make a worldwide and decentralized equivalent system for straightforward jobs. Individuals everywhere throughout the world ought to pick what they do, when and for whom they work and how much their time is value. Their central goal is to give each individual access to this chance, paying little heed to whether they originate from a town in Vietnam, the edges of Berlin or from the focal point of Manhattan. 

Mycro Network 

In general, The mycro system contains the accompanying parts that made it a standout amongst the best decentralized system for keeping up time and money balance equillibrium. These segments are as per the following:

Market Potential

As per an investigation directed by McKinsey 

The level of freelance laborers in the USA is commonly 30% or more. while, some time prior, the Freelancers Union and Upwork distributed an examination that demonstrates that 35% of the US workforce as of now freelances either part-time or full-time and is expect that with the expansion in digitalization and liberlization this level of 30% of freelance specialists could likewise be come to in different districts.



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