MarketC is a public blockchain solution focusing on the issues of the online Forex trading industry and resolving them with a set of protocols that provide a decentralized, low cost, transparent and secure Forex trading experience. By using CMK coin (MarketC's coin), real-time transactions, MarketC ensure to users a superior experience and great service, forex trading, binary options trading and more.

MarketC ecosystem is designed to bridge the gap between traditional online transactions and electronic money investments. MarketC will provide power for three platforms: exchanges, wallets and online transactions on derivative instruments. All three platforms will allow fiat and electronic money transactions.

MarketC ecosystem will create a financial management center with a seamless process, where buying, storing, exchanging and trading on both fiat and electronic money is available.

In short, investors can manage all their finances and electronic money on the same platform, with great benefits for CMK coin holders.

MarketC is now creating an ecosystem around both crypto and fiat trading, which will act as a one-stop-shop to buy, store, sell, exchange and trade on fiat and crypto currencies. The ecosystem will be fuelled by the MarketC, built on the Dash network and designed for four platforms. The coin will have real-life value and offer the holders benefits on the Hottrade trading platform, MarketC.Finance and MarketC.Trade.

The Hottrade Trading Platform

The Hottrade trading platform offers trading on more than 100 assets including currencies, stocks, commodities and cryptos with high profit percentage on trades. The MARKETC will introduce coin-based accounts which are fully funded by cryptos but will allow trading on all asset classes. Additionally, coin-based accounts will have higher profit.

MarketC.Finance Wallet

MarketC will build our own crypto wallet which will support more than 20 cryptocurrencies and allow instant transactions through a web, desktop and mobile app, both designed to make blockchain transactions simple. The wallet will allow fiat to crypto transactions.

MarketC.Trade Crypto Exchange

The biggest project will be the design and creation of a new crypto exchange that the blockchain world has yet to se. We will build an exchange made for the current and future demand of the market which will continue to add pressure on platforms.

MarketC.News Portal

MarketC will develop a pristine news portal which will provide reliable and continuous updates on both market and crypto news, on technical analysis and also on a large number of financial tools to ensure support for all types of investors.

Details about MarketC's IEO on P2pb2b Launchpad:

– Coin: CMK

– Starting IEO time: 24.06.2019 07:00 (UTC +7)

– Ending IEO time: 01.07.2019 07:00 (UTC +7)

– IEO launchpad: P2pb2b Launchpad

– Type: X11 Algorithm

– Price: 1 CMK = 0.3 USD

– Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, USDT, Fiat

– Minimum invest: 170 CMK

– Total Stage I sale: 5 000 000 CMK

– Country: Singapore

More information about the project: IEO Launchpad : Whitepaper: Blog: Twitter: Telegram: BitcoinTalk: More information about the project:

IEO Launchpad :