Cryptocurrency is old hat, it’s as dead as the dodo, it’s so past its sell-by-date that there’s mould sprouting from its digi-globalist innards–that’s the view of the mainstream media.

A few years ago,cryptocurrency was hyped as the NEXT BIG THING, that would collapse traditional banking structures within the week. But the media gets bored quickly and the banking system is a little too hardy to be taken down, and so the news moved on and the idea of cryptocurrency retreated from popular imagination.

However, the potential for all types of cryptocurrency has never quite gone away. Its flourished in a number of unexpected forms and can be used to make thousands of transactions, and nowhere more so than in the world of travel.

So if you fancy a holiday and have a wad of Bitcoins burning a hole in your pocket, we’ve got some fantastic tips for you. Read on and start taking notes.

1. Brisbane Airport

Brisbane International Airport has been pulling out all the stops to prove itself as the most forward thinking airport in Australia – its enthusiastic embrace of cryptocurrency is the icing on the Bitcoin cake.

Every merchant at Brisbane International Airport accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, making it the first airport of its kind.

Caleb Yeoh, CEO of Travelbybit, said of the move, ‘We’ve got travellers from all over the world testing it out and I think the merchants are really excited — They have been telling us they have been getting a lot of interaction from all the different visitors and that’s created a bit of a buzz.’

If more airports implemented the same policy, frequent travellers would rarely have to worry about the exchange rate.

2. The Netherlands – Bitcoin City

There’s a good reason for the massive tourism boom in the Netherlands. Not only is it one of the most liberal countries in the world, it’s embraced tech in ways that are helping visitors and residents of the country alike.

In fact, the city of Arnhem has a Bitcoin City initiative which allows consumers to purchase goods from 114 different retail outlets, removing monopolies from traditional currencies and giving people the luxury of choice.

While the project hasn’t soared in the way some might hope, with most people still using Bitcoin to speculate rather than spend – the option to use cryptocurrency is a step in the right direction for travellers.

3. Airport services

Let’s imagine, you’re headed for Cairn Airport, one of the most populated airports in Australia. You’re a businessperson in a hurry and you want to save as much cash as possible on your travel. If you were using standard currency, you’d lose a heap on the exchange rate alone.

But with cryptocurrency, you could book your Cairn Airport parking on, as well as priority queuing, VIP departure lounge access and any other useful airport services, without international exchange rates taking a cut of the profit. The savings may seem small, but they’ll make all the difference if you’re a frequent flyer.

That’s our list! Can you think of any other cryptocurrency initiatives that benefit holidaymakers? Let us know in the comments below!