Titan Coin (TTN) is a new innovative & experimental digital currency that aims to overcome the limitations of other popular cryptocurrencies by enabling much faster & secure blockchain transactions.

Titan Coin enables instant transfer of payments anytime, anywhere in the world in a secure, faster and cost-effective manner.

Here is a list of top 10 reasons why the Titan Coin as a payment currency will get success in the future:

Next-Gen Titan Coin Blockchain Technology

Unlike other popular digital currencies, Titan Coin has developed its own next-gen blockchain technology that employs hybrid PoW/PoS along with SHA 256+ Groestl (dual algorithm system) for verifying the transaction in a faster and secure way.

Power-Efficient Mining

The use of a hybrid consensus building mechanism (PoS/PoW) by Titan’s blockchain enables the miners to mine Titan Coin with less energy consumption, leading to higher profits. Adding to this, the long-term users are also rewarded by the Titan blockchain network.

Advanced Security

Titan inherits all the security feature of Bitcoin along with the advanced SHA 256D algorithm for verifying peer-to-peer transactions but does it in a more secure & faster way. The advanced dual system algorithm (SHA 256 + Groestl), coupled with hybrid PoS/PoW offers a high level of security in Titan Blockchain transactions.

Global Decentralized Payment Network

Titan Coin uses the peer-to-peer technology for the transfer of payments with no central authority controlling or governing its transactions in a completely decentralized global payment network.

All the transactions carried out in the Titan Blockchain are secure, immutable, irreversible, and safe from data hacks. The possibility of controlling 51% of the network hash power is still there, but with PoW/PoW working in tandem, Titan Coin Blockchain is highly secure.

Faster (Instant) Money Transfer.

Titan Coin is a next-gen digital currency that employs hybrid PoS/PoW along with advanced security mechanism (SHA256 + Groestl) to enable much faster & secure blockchain transaction with a block generation time of just 60 seconds. All your transactions using Titan Coin will be settled immediately.

Multi-cryptocurrency Wallet

Titan Coin also comes with a decentralized multicurrency wallet, which can be used to add, send or receive Titan Coins easily by users using the sender/receiver address. Titan Coin is freely available on all major platforms for download. The platforms include Android, Web, Windows, Linux, and iOS/MAC.

Listing on Popular Exchanges

Titan Coin is already listed on 7 highly popular exchanges where it can be traded against top cryptocurrencies. The exchange list unfolds P2PB2B, ENMANET, Crex24, and ESCODEX, novaexchange, southxchange, and Coin exchange. Besides this, Titan Coin will soon get listed on all other popular exchanges like Mertacox.

Social Applications

Titan coin has a wide range of community favorite mobile apps where users can transact through Titan Coin as a payment option. These mobile apps include Titan Fantasy Sports Gaming App, Titan Dating Android App, Titan Family Security App, Titan Sales Team Reporting App, etc. Titan Project Team is also committed to adding more mobile apps & partner with merchants worldwide to increase the use cases of Titan Coin for users.

High Liquidity

As discussed, Titan Coin has multiple use cases or applications for users. The users can trade Titan Coin against popular cryptocurrencies (e.g., BTC, ETH, LTC) or other popular digital assets. Titan Coin can also be used for payments on multiple in-house mobile apps developed by Titan Project Team.


Mining of Titan Coin, unlike other cryptocurrencies, is a less energy-intensive task for miners thanks to its next-gen blockchain technology. Miners can have huge cost savings by mining this popular digital currency as it requires less mining power.

Similarly, users can own Titan Coin today at economical prices and gain huge profits, as the value of this payment coin is likely to boost in the near future thanks to its ever-increasing popularity & multiple use cases.

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