BIZpaye, a company (registered in Singapore), is a leading international barter trading platform operating within the virtual currency market that currently operates in 12 countries. This whitepaper aims to explore the current landscape of this Virtual Currency market, whilst off ering solutions for the betterment to its customers and merchant worldwide.

BIZpaye CRYPTO (BIZpaye “CRYPTO”) launch on the Blockchain will provide a fundamental change and shift to the way Merchants and customers interact and transact on a daily basis within the BIZpaye ecosystem globally. BIZpaye CRYPTO (BIZpaye “CRYPTO” Tokens) will be a first to market change, offering betterment to existing local barter credit system and the way international trade is done.

Post launch of the BIZpaye “CRYPTO” token, BIZpaye will seek to expand its global reach with the opening of new Master Franchises and offices worldwide that will provide a localized customer support outlet for BIZpaye CRYPTO (BIZpaye “CRYPTO” Tokens) network. These localized offices will help to develop the trust within the currency by providing localized merchant and customer support, Crypto education, research and development and more.

The launch of the BIZpaye “CRYPTO” token will add a 3rd dimension of transaction flexibility for the existing and growing global Merchant community within the BIZpaye eco-system providing true and portable flexibility for Merchants when it comes to transacting either locally, nationally or internationally on a scale never seen before.Additionally, the blockchain ecosystem will offer transparency and all benefits of 2nd generation blockchain.

All transactions will be recorded on the blockchain ledger available to all. New and innovative solutions are implemented in terms of advanced blockchain technologies presenting tremendous opportunities for transparency improvement across the BIZpaye Crypto ecosystem. Using blockchain can help members record price, date, location, quality, certification, and other relevant information to more effectively manage their trades.

As the ecosystem encapsulates and protects in an immutable fashion all of this information there is an increase traceability and transparency of traded materials and services bringing lower losses from counterfeit and gray market, improve visibility and compliance overall.

BIZpaye understands that in order to acquire Merchants who are willing to trust and accept a Barter Credit or a Crypto Credit in lieu of payment for goods or services requires a localized presence in order to explain and discuss how the new payment currency and platform can integrate into their business.

We have all seen the limitations of available Merchants within any Crypto platform, mainly arising by the fact that Merchants require face-to-face education in order to trust and willingly accept a new form of non-fiat currency.

BIZpaye identified this major problem with most Crypto offerings to date, where they promise to develop a global network of merchants from a singular remote position in the world. For example, a Merchant in Australia will take a lot of convincing and trust to accept a currency that’s only presence maybe on the other side of the world.

BIZpaye aims to solve this major Blockchain ecosystem problem by applying the unique systems that BIZpaye has already developed and continues to develop through its Franchised Global Office network. For many years now, BIZpaye has refined the process of recruiting local Merchants through a face-to-face presence via its Barter Credit systems. These proven systems will be applied to BIZpaye “CRYPTO” to solve one of the biggest promissory issues of any Crypto Token design specifically for transacting goods and services within a Merchant environment.

With the adaptation of the BIZpaye “CRYPTO” token into the BIZpaye merchant eco-system, Merchants will enjoy a true flexible transaction fabric, where transactions can be processed using Fiat, Barter Credit or Crypto (BIZpaye “CRYPTO” Tokens) based currencies.


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Author: thanhtrasjba