While entering the distributed ledger technology domain, it’s unlikely that you won’t get to hear about open source Hyperledger projects. Maintained by the Linux Foundation, they mainly assist in solving the industry-level challenges.

Hyperledger: For Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Design Architecture of Hyperledger

When a high level of trust in transactions is necessary for an enterprise, private blockchain development provides the required solutions. A permissioned solution restricts anyone to join the network without authorized permission for strengthened security. When an enterprise requires minimal trust with wide user adoption, a public blockchain solution fulfills its decentralization requirements. A public blockchain network allows anyone to join the network while adding security layers as it expands.

Final Words

We are all living in the digital era where everything is connected. In both personal and business life, people demand to stay connected all the time. However, it requires a private, secure, and trustworthy environment, which Hyperledger projects provide efficiently. It is significant, as we also sense from this post, Hyperledger brings creativity and ease-of-use where blockchain and DLTs are solutions for future needs.

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Source : Fulfilling Enterprise-level Needs with Hyperledger Application Development