What is Refine Medium:

Refine Medium is a Decentralised Video platform based on Ethereum Technology governed by Blockchain Technology through Smart Contracts. RefineMedium provides a platform to place full authority to end users for their work and content without interference of third parties. Refine Medium is a decentralised video platform rendering authentic and high quality video content. It is built upon blockchain technology designed to enable viewers, creators and innovators of the platform to connect via smart contracts. Refine Medium is a one-of-its-kind platform that will incorporate complete transparency, upright compensation for its creators at the same time rewarding users to review videos, no geographical barriers, easily discoverable and accessible content, consequential reduction in content piracy and notably low subscription fees for its users. The Refine token XRM is a cryptographic asset that will be vended in the nascent stages of the Refine Medium maturation journey.

Refine Medium Dapp:

The Refine Medium Dapp will provide user with an intuitive interface to stream, upload and review videos in a completely decentralised environment.The moderators will be responsible for moderating the platform by voting the videos. A video is only uploaded when its threshold value is reached.Both the users and the moderators will be incentivized my means of Refine token.Refine Medium will introduce a new token XRM under the ERC-20 tokens.


Refine Medium is introducing an exclusively customised token “XRM” to promote all the transactions and economy on the Refine Medium platform. “XRM” is intended to serve as a native payment system for the network and reward all the relevant parties for producing, distributing and promoting quality video content..

A token sale is an innovative fundraising mechanism based on blockchain technology. Our token sale and the corresponding token creation process will be governed by Refine Medium. For maximum lipidity and participant safeguarding, the sale will be regulated by a Smart Contract employed on the Ethereum Blockchain.During the token sale, Refine Medium tokens will be exchangedfor Ether (ETH) contributions, at a pre-fixed conversion rate. In order to procure Refine Medium tokens, contributors will have to remit Ether to the official Refine Medium token sale Smart Contract address. Refine Medium tokens will be spontaneously remitted to the contributors wallet address as soon as the transaction is confirmed. However, “XRM” will notbe tradeable until the token sale has terminated and the tokens are active.

Refine Medium aims to assist people, particularly those who are at the bottom of the Refine “Need-Purpose” Rhombus, to make better decisions and improve their livelihood.

The Smart Contract:

Refine Medium has a comprehensive smart contract for its Initial Token Offering and the Decentralised App. The smart contract for the token, ICO and Dapp are all inter-related and work in harmony.

Unlike any other ICO, Refine Medium has a very attractive referral system which rewards the investors a percentage of investment made by the investors they refer. The payout here is instantaneous which means as soon as the investor sends ether to our smart contract, the reward for referee is distributed in the same transaction and all of this will be visible in the respective blockchain explorers (etherscan.io) in order to maintain 100 % transparency. Not only this, the referral system is stretched upto two levels. Let us try to understand this with the help of an example, say user A refers user B and user B refers user C. In this case if user B invests 10 ether, user A will get 1 ether as a reward (10 %) and if user C invests 10 ether, user B and user A both will get 1 ether each as reward instantly. This provides an earning opportunity for investment pools and users with contacts in the crypto industry. Therefore, if any of our affiliates bring us a whale who invests a million USD in our project, the affiliate gets 100,000 USD as a reward in ETH.

Token sale:

>ICO Phase 1: Private Sale: 25th May’19 to 15th June’19

>Whitelist (for PreSale): 10th May’19 to 10th June’19

>ICO Phase 2: Pre Sale: 25th June’19 to 15th July’19

>WhiteList (for ICO): 10th June’19 to 10th July’19.

>ICO Phase 3: ICO: 25th July’19 to 30th September’19. This is also a PRE-IEO round, before we launch Refine Medium IEO on one of the Top 5 IEO launching global exchange ,“ProBit Exchange” from 10th July 2019.




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BTT Username: Ferde

BTT Profil Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2330407