Messaging apps or messengers have completely changed how the world communicates. No longer by meeting each other or by letter or telephone, today people can communicate with anyone from all over the world in real-time using a smartphone. Also, messengers can bring together thousands of people in one place called a group or channel to exchange specific information. In essence, messengers have made information dissemination more effective and efficient.

Although messengers have provided a remarkable breakthrough into the world of communication, it does not mean flawless. Messengers, especially in group communication, is faced with many problems. The biggest problem faced is the quality of information circulating within the group. Most members of a group only become readers, thus the group becomes quiet and there is no information given to the community. This is what makes the group difficult to grow or still exist. However, an active group does not mean it provides information to the community. An active group will produce hundreds to thousands of messages each day, sometimes making many members miss important information. On the other hand, active groups are an attractive place to place ads but until now there is no effective way to advertise.

Nestree will be present to solve the above problems. By utilizing blockchain technology and smart contract, Nestree will create an innovative ecosystem of messenger service where healthy and informative communities will be created and the ideal environment for doing business is formed. Here are the main features of Nestree that will provide unlimited benefits for all users:

1. Community Growth & Activation

Users can explore all active channels on the Discover menu. Nestree will recommend channels to users based on channel power as measured by a number of participants, participant activity level, compensation policy, and channel wallet reserve. Channels with higher channel power will be at the top of the channel list.

In addition, channels and admins can reward users for their contributions to the channel in the form of EGG tokens. Users can receive EGG by inviting other people to join, produce or send quality content, or playing games and participating in polls. Reward distribution is done transparently and automatically using smart contracts. The reward is sent to Nestree users' wallets and can be sold in exchange or traded peer to peer.

2. Community Operation

Reward structure as mentioned earlier will encourage channel growth and keep users active, thus the volume of messages sent will increase dramatically. Therefore, Nestree will provide settings for users to filter push notifications on the channel. Users can get notifications from individuals they want such as from admin, friends or certain users. Also, the admin can stop chat messages from all members temporarily through the admin exclusive chat mode. This mode allows the admin to convey information effectively or calm the community.

3. Community Business Model

At Nestree, advertisers can easily sort channels based on size, purpose, and other characteristics to find and select channels that are appropriate for their advertising. Advertisers can communicate directly with the channel admin and the admin can choose which ads will be displayed on their channel. Advertising fees paid in EGG by advertisers can then be shared between admin and members.

In addition, Nestree also provides a feature that allows channels to charge access fees in EGG to enter their channels. Admin can also set subscription fees that require customers to pay recurring fees so they can still visit the channel.

Nestree Wallet

Besides providing a new messenger experience, Nestree also adds wallet functionality to its app. Nestree wallet is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that is safe and equipped with various features such as sending and receiving cryptocurrency with user names, transaction history display, and wallet exports. Nestree wallet also allows users to trade cryptocurrency peer-to-peer through smart contracts.

Platform Integration

Nestree does not compete with existing messengers but tries to grow strategically with them. Nestree will collaborate with third-party apps and platforms with easily accessible APIs.

Telegram API Integration:

Nestree Token

Ticker: EGG

Standard: ERC-20

Total Supply: 3,000,000,000 EGG

1 USD = 100 EGG

Softcap: 1,000,000 USD

Hardcap: 6,000,000 USD

Nestree Team

Nestree Roadmap

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