•Excecutive Summary

Hello, Tycoon Coin Article Lovers, Since the emergence of Bitcoin in 2008, which was introduced by the genius Satoshi Nakamoto, various efforts were made at that time, to implement blockchain technology in various aspects of business globally, and has been proven, with the existence of Blockchain technology can offer low costs for all transactions in activities industry, trade, and security assurance processes.

Blockhain technology develops very fast, and is tailored to the needs of the community of each user. So along with the passage of time and increasingly sophisticated technological developments, people have understood and accepted the importance of Bitcoin which can be used to meet our needs about investing in a better future. Therefore, Bitcoin continues to innovate and continues to grow together, with the emergence of new project projects in the field of cryptocurrency. this project also has the same quality ..Alright, reader friends, this project I named Tycoon Coin.

This is a cryptocurrency project that uses digital currency as a payment tool. What do you think?

If you want to know more about this project, I will bring you to the core explanation of this project

•What Is This ?

A trading platform that created to provide choices for all traders to have the choice to create their own social trade freely. Most of the existing platforms do not work as expected by traders, so to adopted and use of Retailers is very limited. So Tycoon came to the needs of traders in a professional manner. By using a secure APL connection, traders can carry out trade and exchange activities according to what they want, because all trade transactions will be copied into the portfolio automatically and in real time, so they can make and determine investments they want later.

•How Its Work ?

Trading on Cryptocurrency is far more profitable than traditional stock trading with currencies, because trading on Cryptocurrency anyone can trade and does not demand that traders be experienced. Besides that, trading on Cryptocurrency is much easier to make a profit. Only by using a cellphone and computer, you can already do this trade. Therefore, because of the large public interest in trading on Cryptocurrency, a trading platform is needed that allows you to reduce risk and follow in the footsteps of successful traders. Because based on several studies, successful traders have special rights and are trained professionally. As a Trading Platform designed to meet the needs of traders, Tycoon has a strong adoption platform for professional traders. Because with the adoption of a strong platform for professional traders, this will provide benefits for retail traders. Why is that ?? because Retailers can identify Pro Traders who have similar trading styles. Because by building a platform by considering Pro Trader, this will also provide opportunities for retail traders to lead to something important in trade that is to benefit and learn about profitable and professional trade.

•Vision & Mission

By ensuring the needs of traders, Tycoon began developing the Platform in 2018. And after going through experiments based on available time frames, both a short time frame and a higher time frame, conclusions were found on the problems, namely by selling news and information about trade which aims to make money. Because by using the Platform Tycoon, a trader can easily copy and follow the trading methods carried out by professional traders. That is by way of copying trade transactions carried out by professional traders with just a few clicks, then you already understand how to trade with professionals through the transaction list. Because Tycoon is a trading platform designed by traders and for the benefit of traders. And Tycoon allows everyone to access this knowledge and experience to maximize profits while minimizing risk at the same time.

•Token Details

Name: Tycoon


Blockchain: ERC-20

Max. supply: 140 million

ICO Price: 0.10 $

•Token Distributions

•Token Allocations

•Feature :

- Optimal Support In Selection Of Traders.

Tycoon is very concerned about the future of the traders. Because by arranging trades, and records of data prepared by Tycoon are available to potential followers. Because by implementing a transparent system, Tycoon also uses methods that are public and can be seen by other traders about the statistics that are applied, and how the work is done by professional traders, so that new traders can see the data through platforms on social media.

- Flexibility In Following

For traders who have registered at Platform Tycoon, have the right to get the same service and have the right to decide what steps will be taken later in the trade. Here Tycoon is free to make a decision about what the trader wants to do, whether he wants to continue to trade and he can follow other traders with a single click. However, if the traders are not satisfied, but not stop to subscribe, then the subscription will be extended for one month. And if the followers are not satisfied with the results obtained during the subscription, then the followers are free to cancel the following. All this is done to give traders a sense of transparency for the purpose of providing mutually beneficial results of course.

- Stop-Loss.

By using an Algorithm system, where the stop-loss functions to decide whether the initial capital will be exchanged back to the base currency. So this aims to avoid losses among traders. Because if the price of an open market experiences offspring, then the capital allocated by the trader can still be maintained. Because stop-loss can be adjusted by each trader individually, and stop-loss represents a security aspect that includes the initial capital issued by the traders.





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